MANDY FLORES – Blackmailed by my husbands partner – Mental Domination, Hot Wives FullHD mp4

My husbands business partner comes to our house and tells me that he will be withdrawing the funding from our business, because it is doing badly, unless he and I can come to an arrangement. I am surprised, what could I possibly do to help? I knew nothing about the problems that the business was facing, and I ask what kind of arrangement he has in mind. He gently mocks me saying that I must have some idea. That surely I’ve noticed the times he has tried to look down my top and up my skirt. I am shocked and outraged by his suggestion and reject his advances. Then I begin to plead with him. He tells me that he isn’t going to do anything that I don’t let him do.

He tells me that he could leave right now and forget the whole matter but that if he does that, then the business will fail. I reluctantly agree and he sits beside me and tries to put his hand inside my top and then my bra. I try to stop him at first, but after he reminds me that Im supposed to be “helping” I let him continue. He pulls my top down and takes off my bra and starts fondling and kissing my breasts. Then he tries to slide his hand up my skirt, but I push it away. He tells me to open my legs so he can see my panties. After looking at them, he tries to slide his hand up my leg again and just touches my panties. I push his hand away again. This happens once more before he reminds me that we are in an “arrangement”. I start to argue. He stops and makes me a drink. I dont know that he has put a drug in my drink to relax me and make me horny. I am still angry but soon the drug starts to work and I let him resume his fingering of me with his hand inside my panties. He orders me to stand up and strip down to my panties, and to start playing with myself. He gives me a second drink as he sees the 1st wasnt enough. Soon it becomes obvious that I am becoming turned on. He strips to his underwear and I see the bulge in his pants. He orders me on to my knees and to take his cock out. He mocks me about my husbands penis, asking you how much bigger his is. I have to stroke and suck his cock. Then we lie beside each other and start to kiss. He slips his hand inside my panties while I stroke his cock. Eventually we fuck until we both cum and Im left with his cum dripping out of pussy.
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