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Kinki Cory – Cory Chase, Ivy Secret in Sex Ex Anal Training HD mp4 [720p/2018]

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“I’ll do whatever it takes to get an A” Cory says. Dressed in her peppy cheerleader outfit Cory stays late at school to pass her class. “I have something special planned” Ms. Secret says. “Some anal training”
Cory’s eyes go wide with terror. Her teacher runs her hands through Cory’s hair and rubs her shoulders. “You’re going to take my clothes off?” Cory says as her teacher stands her up and strips her out of her tight clothes. “Just relax” Ms. Secret whispers. She makes Cory spread her legs on the desk as she slowly pushes her big strap on into Cory’s tight little ass.

“Oh yeah, you’re so good at this. All the way in there” Ms. Secret says to her obedient student. Putting her on her knees she makes Cory suck the dirty strap-on. “You’re going to climb on my dick” Ms. Secret instructs. Cory gets on top of the desk and fucks herself for her teacher’s pleasure.
Humiliation and pleasure roll over Cory’s face as she sucks the strap-on. She feels so slutty being fucked by her teacher and her body begins to quiver. The cock goes so fucking deep inside her that she cums from the feeling her whole body orgasming. She gets on her knees and shows her teacher just how fucking much she loves her one on one lesson on how to get an A in school.
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