Last Update: 18/11/2021

Jerky Wives – Nyssa Nevers in My Asian Nanny HD 720p

Luke is going away for 3 months over the summer and is looking to hire a nanny to watch his step-son, Junior. He makes it very clear that his step-son comes from an upper class, entitled family. Nyssa thinks that she will be up for the task and eagerly accepts the job. The following morning she arrives for work in a cute blue dress with a bra on underneath. Junior, whose real name is Miles, isn’t satisfied with two things that Nyssa has done so far: she hasn’t made his breakfast… and why is she wearing a bra?! Nyssa promises that tomorrow she will be more prepared. She shows up the following day in a sultry, yellow dress that exposes her huge tits and she has prepared Miles’ breakfast for him. But why are there green marshmallows in his cereal?! Shouldn’t Nyssa have known that he DOESN’T LIKE green marshmallows?! I mean, WHO on this planet likes green marshmallows?! No one. Especially not Miles. And he is going to tell his step-dad that Nyssa is not doing a good job unless she takes her boobs out, because boobs will fix this boy’s ruined breakfast!! And tomorrow… tomorrow she better have her huge tits exposed on top of her dress while she is vacuuming his room! As long as she does this then he promises to tell his step-dad that she is doing a good job.

The following morning Nyssa is vacuuming in her dress; Miles comes up behind her and lightly taps her on the shoulder. As soon as she realizes that he is in the room, she plasters a huge smile on her face and pulls her tits out on top of her dress. But Miles does not seem happy with this arrangement… maybe it would be best if she just vacuumed naked but with underwear and shoes on! When Nyssa finishes vacuuming, she lounges back on the couch because she doesn’t think that there is any work left to do… but it is 11:30 and Miles wants his snack and he wants it NOW! But Miles is still not satisfied with their current arrangement. It would be a much better idea if every time he walked in to the room, she stopped whatever she was doing and immediately gave herself an orgasm! And it better be a REAL orgasm… she’s not allowed to fake any orgasms for him! Nyssa slips out of her underwear and starts to masturbate on the couch until she makes herself cum hard. Once she is finished she has to go get Miles his snack because he is still hungry! She runs to grab his snack and once she gets back with it, it is time for her to give herself another orgasm… and this time she better say moan his name as she cums… and what good is it that she has huge tits if Miles can’t feel them?! Miles will definitely tell his step-dad that she is doing a great job if he could just see what her tits feel like…!

Duration: 00:15:34

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4