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Frank, Jack, Jessica – Classics Beauty and the Homeless Man SD mp4

Frank and Jack were a pair of down-and-outs. After many years spent begging on the streets and napping in the shelters of the inner city, they decided to leave and try a little tramping in the suburbs. Their subsequent wandering lead them close to a small but very wealthy community tucked away in the hills. Among its residents was an attractive widow named Jessica. Jack was the first to learn of her. He was stood on the side of the road that led to her house, holding up a beggar’s sign, when Jessica approached in her car. She stopped, wound down her window, and handed him a dollar bill. But this was not an act of compassion on Jessica’s part. She simply wanted to get rid of Jack. Dirty, no-good bum! she thought upon seeing him.

That was all she needed: trash like him hanging around her pretty neighborhood. She hoped he would use the dollar bill as a ticket out of the area. Get a job! she had snapped at him as she pulled away. Later, Jack and Frank sat drinking whiskey under a tree. The were weary and depressed and had remained in the neighborhood rather than move straight on. Just a few yards away was the back yard of a fancy-looking house. All of sudden someone marched out from one of the doors and addressed them. It was Jessica. Jack and Frank had unknowingly come to rest on a part of her property. Coldly, Jessica told them they had better be gone in five minutes – or she would call the police. Although they were neither rude or confrontational, Frank and Jack stayed where they were. They felt too despondent to do anything else. The police duly came, and both men were arrested and handcuffed. Both men were calmly philosophical about their fate, but Frank did admit to Jack that he would like to make Jessica pay for the way she had treated them. Thirty-days later, having served their punishment, Frank got the opportunity. With Jack in tow, he headed back out to Jessica’s fancy house. Both men wore masks and carried lengths of cord. They were feeling strong and purposeful and were in much better condition than the last time they’d encountered the snooty widow. Having silently open a downstairs door, they crept through a living room, up a stairwell, and down a hall. They knew Jessica was somewhere on the second floor. From outside they had peered through a window to monitor her movements. Now they slipped into her bedroom and awaited for her to come in. When she did, she froze in shock. Jack stood facing her from the middle of the room. She didnt recognize him because of his mask. Meanwhile, Frank was positioned behind her, on her blind-side. He took full-advantage of Jessica’s confusion by leaping forward and grabbing her roughly from behind. She managed to cry out once. Then Frank’s hand locked down hard over her out mouth and cut off any further sounds of . Next he lifted her clear off her feet and carried her – frantically kicking and squirming – over to her bed. There he threw her down, cleave-gagged her mouth, and tied her wrists tight behind her back – all with Jack’s eager assistance. While she was being over-powered, Jessica heard comments from Frank and Jack that made her suspect they might be the two tramps she had reported a month before. The idea made her panic and struggle all the more. But it was all in vain. Her bindings and the strength of her two captors prevented any chance of escape. Whether she liked it or not, she was going to have to endure whatever revenge they had in mind for her. It was a horrible realization. Here she was: a wealthy, proud woman, about to be by a couple of dirty, good-for-nothing bums. As for Frank and Jack, they guessed the cause of Jessica’s , and delighted in it. The more she suffered – the more humiliation they could make her feel – the better. And, with that, they really got down to business. First they both took liberties aggressively fondling Jessica in her helplessness. They squeezed her breasts through her short tight dress and then hiked it up to expose her panties. Off those panties came with a harsh ripping. Then her naked pussy was rubbed, splayed, twisted and finger-fucked. All Jessica could do was grimace and whimper in response. Sometime after, Frank and Jack pushed her on to her back and removed her gag. One of them climbed over her head and shoved his cock hard and deep between her reluctant lips while the other continued to toy with her pussy. For a long time, Jessica had to take every inch of man-meat she was given. It often went far down her throat and caused her to cough and gurgle. Other times she had to lick and suck balls. In a rare instant when she could speak, Jessica tried to appease her attackers. Do whatever you want with me! she said. Just do not hurt me. You mean we can take your pussy, and…your ass? Frank asked. Jessica nodded grimly. She was agreeing to become the fuck-toy of two tramps. And that’s exactly what Frank and Jack went on to make of her. To begin with Frank fucked her missionary style while Jack busily pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. There was much general manhandling and fondling of the widow throughout. Then Jack got on his back and made Jessica ride him cow-girl style. His hands gripped her hips and pulled on them so that she slammed downwards and took his cock deep into herself. Sometimes Jack reached up and played with her breasts. Her hands still tied behind her back, Jessica could do nothing but take her medicine. In spite of the horrors of her ordeal, she closed her eyes, threw back her head and gave unwanted moans of pleasure from the fucking she was getting. Twice in this epic passage of action, Frank moved in behind her and his cock into her asshole. The widow cried out and then gritted her teeth as she felt herself stretched to capacity and being used like never before. The experience shattered her. For her final fucking she lay beneath Jack. With grunts he pounded away at her until he had to come. Then he pulled out and let rip all over Jessica’s torment-contorted face. Even as the widow lay sobbing from the thick and creamy defilement, Frank came over and her to take a mouthful of his own generous load. No sooner was this done than he and Jack gathered their things and left – laughing over their shoulders at Jessica. She remained tied up and helpless afterwards. She was a mess, and a picture of misery and ruination. On her chest was a dollar pill that Jack had tossed there on his way out as a cruel joke. He and Frank had paid Jessica back in more ways than one.

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