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WCA Productions Mellanie Monroe – Stepmom and I Have A Naughty Morning Routine Complete FullHD 1080p

Like yesterday my stepmom Mellanie came into make sure i was up for school but unlike yesterday she came in a bit earlier today. when she shut the door behind her she told he was in early to give me enough time to take care of my morning wood. she wanted to make sure that after i finished i actually got out of bed so she was staying in the room with me till i was finished. i started jerking off while she watched me and if im being honest i got a naughty idea so i held back and didn’t cum right away! she started telling me i needed to hurry and that my step-dad was out eating breakfast in the kitchen and he would start to wondering what’s going on. i told her i was sorry but sometimes it takes me a while to cum but i needed to cum before school. she got a flustered look on her face and just told me to move my hand and she would help. she reached out and started jerking me off and before long my stepmom had me cumming before my morning shower. i cant wait to see what happens tomorrow before school!

My stepmom Mellanie called me into the living room and told me she got a call from the school saying was late 3 times this week so she was going to be making sure i got out of bed in the mornings. she told me to get some rest and she would see me tomorrow. The first couple of moorings it went alright, she made sure i was up and headed to the shower. One night i decided to have some fun and i went to bed naked and the next morning my stepmom came in to make sure i was up and boy was i! she thought i was moving to slow so she pulled my blankets back and my rock hard cock sprung up and she froze. she just starred at my dick then realized what she doing and stormed out of the room telling me to get ready for school. the next morning i got up earlier then normal, when i heard her coming down the hallway i closed my eyes and started jerking off. she walked in, saw what i was and stared yelling at me. i told her i was sorry and that i if i didn’t do this in the mornings i couldn’t focus at school. she assumed i was jerking off and the going back to bed after so she was going to stay in the room with me till i finished. i was pretty surprised and didn’t know what to do until she encouraged me to finish then cheered me on until i came! i cant wait for tomorrow morning!
its was becoming my favorite time of the day as my stepmom came into make sure i was up for school. she came in early again and after a little small talk she agreed to help me with my morning wood again. after a few minutes of her jerking me off and reminding me to hurry since my step-dad was right out in the kitchen eating breakfast. i decided to has some more naughty fun and told her i was sorry i was taking so long to cum but i didn’t know what to do, i couldn’t go to school with my hard on. she kept jerking my dick but got a worried look on her face so i made my move and asked her if she could maybe use her mouth. she stopped stroking me and asked if i was serious, i said yes and with that she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. she was eagerly sucking my dick for a couple minutes when i pushed a little harder, i told her i was trying to cum fast but could she maybe take her top off so i could see her tits? i was blown away how quickly she took her top off and continued to suck me until she got to swallow my load. i got in the shower then ready for school, i cant wait for tomorrow morning!

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