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WCA Productions Jasper Nyx – Sharing a Bed with my new Stepmom Complete FullHD 1080p

It is now been two days since the roof above my step-dad and stepmom’s bedroom had caved in from a storm. My step-dad was still out of town on a business trip so that meant my stepmom and me were still going to be sharing a bed for a couple days. Me and Jasper my stepmom didn’t really know each other well yet so needless to say things were already a little awkward the first night. I had trouble going to bed last night and she asked why and I told her it was because I normally rested naked. She said she was a guest in my bed and if that’s what I needed to do to rest comfortably I could so last night I rested in a bed naked with my new stepmom.

The idea of that just got me so turned on it was all I could think about all day at school so when I came home today I found her in the kitchen. We made small talk for a little while and then I went up and played video games until it was time for bed. I decided to take a shower before bed and while I was in the shower Jasper had already laid down. When I walked in the room we made a little small talk and then I asked her again if it was OK to strip naked again? She said it was fine so right there in front of my step mom I dropped my shorts and of course had a raging hard erection, I crawled into bed with her and we both said goodnight. I tossed and turned for a little while and I guess she noticed and asked what was wrong. I told her it was really awkward to talk well but normally every night before I went to bed I jerked off. she looked pretty stunned and surprised but said she understood and said that most teenage boys did that and I shouldn’t feel embarrassed by it. she said She would leave the room so I could take care of my little problem and I told her I felt bad having to do that and she said she was comfortable with me taking care of it while she was in bed with me. I asked her if she was serious and she told me to promise that I wouldn’t say anything to my step-dad and of course I agreed but in the end I told her it was just too weird for me to do it in bed with her. she said we both needed to get some rest since we both had early mornings and said she was willing to help. I asked her how and why she told me that she felt guilty since she was staying in bed with me so it was at least she could do she said she could help by just giving me a hand. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant but within a few minutes I had my new beautiful stepmom vigorously stroking my cock until I blew a big load and we both said goodnight. I can’t wait for bedtime tomorrow night!
Tonight already felt the same as last night, me and my stepmom Jasper were going to be sharing a bed again! Just like last night when I walked in the bedroom Jasper was already in there waiting for me , I asked her again if it was cool if I went to bed naked and she agreed. once I was naked in bed relaxing with my erection pointing straight at the ceiling we both said our good nights but I secretly wanted more to happen. After little tossing and turning she asked me what was wrong and I told her that I still needed to take care of my little problem and pointed down at my erection , she rolled her eyes and said go ahead. I asked her if there was any chance she could help me like she did last night and she told me that she couldn’t, it was wrong, inappropriate, and she didn’t want to do that to my step-dad. I asked her if she could do me a favor one more time since I got the best rest ever last night after she used her magical hands to relieve my stress. I did good in school today and since my step-dad wouldn’t know bout what we did last night what was the big deal with her helping me one more time. She hemmed in hard but then eventually agreed making me promise that it would stay between the two of us and I of course agreed. She got down between my legs and asked me where my lube was and I told her I actually didn’t have any tonight. With a sarcastic voice she asked me then what were we supposed to do and I asked her if it would be possible that she could maybe use her mouth like some girls do. I think she was just so tired and wanted to get to bed that she just reluctantly agreed and with that she took my raging hard cock into her mouth and started sucking! She was eagerly bobbing up and down on my rock hard erection and I thought it couldn’t get any better but I figured I would push the bounds just a little bit so I asked her if she could maybe take her top off ’cause that would help me finish faster and then we could both turn in for the night. Once again she was just so tired without thinking about it she just tore top off and continued vigorously sucking me off! not much after that she swallowed my whole nut and with that we said goodnight!

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