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Wang-Her Pictures – Addie Dominates You her Older Brother With CBT and Then Fucks You good! HD mp4

Sister Addie Surprises “you” her older big brother while you are in bed sleeping, and confronts because you were threatening to tell mom and dad. She overheard you and your little brother talking about how she fucked him the other day. But she now has the upper hand on you, Literally she has your balls in her hands and is ready to squeeze them and twist them if you try to tell your parents. She says, “Lets just face it Big Bro, I got you by the balls!” ha ha ha She thought you had each other’s backs against your younger brother, and begins to blatantly lie and say that he actually came on to her, but in fact she was the person that tied him up.
She finally gets to the point, she wants to suck your dick, so she starts licking your cock. She says to you, “mmhm, it tastes good, I have always wondered what it would be like.” She can feel your cock getting big and throbbing every time she licks the tip, she tells you it looks almost like your younger brothers, but she figured it would. She begins to bob up and down on your dick, asking if your brother told you how good she was at sucking dick.

You tell her to stop because you think it is wrong, but she tells you that you don’t have any control over this situation and asks you if you know why? And then she grabs you balls and dick another time and begins to squeeze them in her hand, she now has the advantage and you have some sensitive balls, just hanging outside your body and easy for her to squeeze. She squeezes even hard and your balls start to stretch the skin, and she points to all the little veins and tells you, “So, don’t you try to resist me anymore it’s not going to work.” She then begins to suck on your cock again, she figured you to be more of the dominating type, but she now thinks you wanted to be dominated by her. She is still sucking on your dick and tells you to stop resisting her and to just enjoy it, she then tells you that if you tell mom and dad what happened with her and your little brother that she will tell them what happened with you two, and they will believe her because she is their little girl and she a princess. And they think she is perfect.

She now wants to give you the same treatment she gave him, you are still in shock. She explains that you two are closer, closer in age and you think it is a little weird, but she doesn’t she thinks it was always meant to be. She begins to take off her bra, she knows you have seen her breast before, when you would come into her room and tell her good night, you know she always sleeps naked, and that her nipples have came uncovered, and she saw you look at them. She then starts to take down her panties, she knows you really want to see her pussy, she slowly takes them off but plays with her pussy a little before taking them off, and says to you. “You turn me on so much, and it turns me on more that you are resisting me.”
She then wants to give you a little show and turns around and begins teasing you and shaking her ass in front of you. She is bouncing her ass up and down, and rubbing her pussy with her fingers over her wet panties. She is getting so wet now with the anticipation of sliding your even bigger cock inside of her, and riding you. She finally takes her panties off and shows you how wet they are and tells you that you can keep them for later if you want. But she has a better idea and crams them into your mouth. She starts sucking on your cock because she wants it to be really nice and hard before sitting on it. She says, “I love blowjobs, but I really like fucking even more, oh my gosh my pussy is so wet.”
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