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Virtual Adult Diaper – Mommy Shows Big Sister What Diaper Baby Needs FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

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Your mom’s going out of town for a few days and calls your sister Christyanne into your bedroom to show her how to care for her ‘special baby brother’ while I’m gone. She grudgingly eases into the room, immediately complaining that you’re way too old, too big, and too GROSS and there’s no way she’s changing your stupid diaper.

Mom gets pretty mad and tells Christyanne in no uncertain terms that she will, indeed, change your diaper just like mommy does several times a day, but she’ll also be responsible for taking care of your night-night process, which is very very important to mommy’s wonderful baby boy.
Your sister is fully aware of how inappropriate your relationship with your mom is, but she’s been a part of the family her whole life, she’s seen this for a long time. For some reason, you refuse to grow up, and mom refuses to make you; it’s become sexual now, too, and Christyanne finds the whole thing disgusting. Besides, you’re her brother….gross!
Mommy goes through the complete changing experience, starting with wiping your wittle baby bottom with wipeys, which makes your baby peepee get really hard. Your sister starts to moan and groan about your ‘dick’ being hard, but mommy quickly corrects her… don’t have dicks. They have wittle turtles. And she WILL wipe yours clean.
Mom sharply reminds Christyanne that they’ve done things that are inappropriate together too, and suggests that maybe your sister is jealous and wants mommy’s attention, too. Christyanne finally shuts up and watches in disgust as mommy puts a clean, crinkly new white diaper under you and takes extra time to rub diaper cream all over your peepee. Then she instructs your sissy to watch carefully as she closes up your double-tab diaper, then begins ‘the game’ that your sister has to play with you while mommy’s gone.
First mommy offers to nurse you, and instructs your big sister to ask the baby if he wants to nurse; if you say yes, she has to let you do it as long as you want. Christyanne looks disgusted, but isn’t complaining anymore and is paying very close attention as mommy straddles your puffy new diaper. Legs spread, mommy instructs your sister to never wear panties for the night-night game before pressing her bare spread pussy against your snug white diaper. She tells Christyanne that it feels better that way, and that’s the way it’s to be done. Mommy proceeds to grind her nude pussy against your hard wiener inside your diaper, flashing her titties at you, and encourages you to get off in your diaper like a big boy. Christyanne watches from the side of the room, eyes riveted to the obscenely unbelievable scene in front of her, afraid to admit to mommy or herself that she’s soaking wet. Mommy tells you both how much she loves you both while still riding your hard diaper peepee, then tells your sister to tell you she loves you over and over, and you her, back and forth, over and over, until of the sound of her son and daughter’s voices, and your hard turtle, bring mommy to orgasm at the same time you spurt your load inside your diaper.
Wait til mommy shows sister how we get it clean now!
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Duration: 00:14:40

Resolution: 1920×1080

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