Vanessa Vixon in the Countess – Delivery Into Slavery (BarebackStudios/

Backstory: with the capture of Super Gurl and Mega Babe, Lady Venom looks to take the Justice Council out one by one. Her next target the beautiful Countess (Wenona) who`s wealth has been known to fund various Council operations to take down the city`s dark forces. Lady Venom has decided to use a police officer as an unsuspecting pawn in her diabolical plans.
Scene 1: Against their will
Countess is sitting on the couch in the living room, talking on a cell phone. Still no ransom being asked for Super Gurl or Mega Babe? Right! I understand; keep the agents in the field, sooner or later one of them is bound to find a clue. Says Countess concerned; there is a knock on the door that causes Countess to dismiss herself on the phone and the connection before answering it. Countess answers the door and finds one of the police commandos standing there holding a box. aCountess I’m sorry to disturb you at home however this arrived at the HQ and it was addressed to you. Smiles the officer as he hands the package to Countess; she thanks him and invites him in to examine the package with her as even super heroines can be too careful now. The officer follows Countess to the couch where they sit and carefully examine the box before opening it; the officer takes the box from Countess and volunteers to open it in case there is anything dangerous inside. The officer opens the box slowly and then stares inside for several moments before collapsing against the touch; alarmed Countess rushes to help the officer and is checking his eyes when suddenly she feels a sharp pain in the side of her neck. The officer, under Lady Venoma`s mind controlling apparatus, has stuck a syringe into the Countes neck and injected her with an unidentified liquid, oblivious to what he`s done. Says the officer before pulling his cock from this pants and putting it into her mouth as he begins to face fuck her, slowly at first then faster and faster. The Countess makes various gagging and slurping noises as her tongue works around the officera`s cock; she proceeds to rub her clit as the serum in her was not only a paralyzing agent but also increases her libido. The officer continues to face fuck her until he can stand it no more and explodes hot cum down her throat causing her to whimper; the officer pumps his cock for several moments before allowing the humiliated Countess to drop to the floor.
Scene 2: You dont have to do this
Countess is lying across the kitchen table; she is being held down by throat by the officer who holds a syringe in his other hand. Don`t have to do this please don`t do this. Pleads Countess desperately trying to breathe. I must Countess, I must obey my mistress; now, take your medicine. Says the officer in a dazed voice as he rips Countes top open and injects the syringea`s contents into her breasts. Countess squirms and whimpers in pain as the venom injection courses through her body; she begins rubbing herself and licking her lips, unable to control herself. She says seductively as she gets off of the table and goes down on her knees; the officer complies and before either of them realizes it, she unzips his pants and proceeds to give him a slow, sloppy blow job. Countess sucks and jerks the officera`s cock, forcing him to grab onto the table and use it for leverage. God, I can`t help myself, I want your cock! demands Countess as she stands and continues to jerk the officera`s cock. The officer pushes Countess against the table before guiding his cock into her moist, wet pussy and begins to fuck her doggy style; the Countess moans more and more as the officer`s thrusts become faster and faster. The officer grabs her hips tightly and in several more thrusts, he yells himself as he explodes deep inside of her; he pumps his cock in and out of her several more times before backing away, letting her slump to the floor in a daze. The officer holds his head trying to assess what is happening before he is back in a trance again. Countess, I am not finished with you yet as per orders from my mistress; the best is yet to come. He says with an evil laugh before pulling her by her hair out of the room.
Scene 3: Super Slut
The officer drags Countess into the living where he throws her onto the couch and wastes no time spreading her legs. Oh God, eat my pussy..pleassse, make me your super slut you dirty cop!? hisses Countess as the officer proceeds to eat her pussy, slowly kissing around her thighs and clit before invading her pussy with his tongue and fucking her; Countess moans and rocks back and forth, screaming louder and louder until the officer`s tongue causes her to have a massive orgasm; she barely catches her breathe when the officer pushes her onto her back and proceeds to fuck her missionary style.
I can`t fight it? I want to fight it mistress controls all!? thunders the officer as he fucks Countess harder and harder, wrapping his hands around her throat simultaneously. Countess wraps her legs around the officer and pulls him in even closer Fuck me like a super slut, fuck this hot pussy, give me your cum!? demands Countess in a sort of daze, the effects of the venom in her system now taking full effect. The officer continues to pound Countess into the floor before he lets out a loud moan and explodes deep inside her burning ass; the Countess rocks her hips assisting the officer in fucking her a little longer before she collapses and is unable to move, her eyes fluttering before the close completely as she has fallen . The officer gets off of Countess and backs away before looking down at her.oh God what have I..yes mistress, I will finish the job. Says the officer once again in a daze before exiting the room. Countess is squirming on the floor, burning from the venom inside her body.
Scene 4: The Final Step
Countess is tied to the bed; the officer is ejecting the remainder of the syringe into her clit, causing her to moan and squirm frustrated that she cannot touch herself. This is the final step Countess; in a few moments you will be completely transformed into a minion of Lady Venom after which you will serve her and only her. Says the officer removing Countess`s gag. I will..never fall? Lady??.? Countess?s eyes flutter and roll into the back of her head before she goes silent for a moment. Oh GOD?..IT BURNS..GIVE ME YOUR CUM!? screams Countess now under the full control of the venom in her . The officer releases her hand restraints and before he knows it, Countess has thrown him onto his back and proceeds to suck his cock hungrily, licking and stroking every inch of his shaft. The officer blinks when he suddenly comes out of his trance for a moment Countess what are you doing?!? he asks in a panic. Give me your cock, I want your cum!? demands Countess; the officer attempts to protest however he quickly snaps back into his trance and proceeds to grab the Countess`s hips, assisting her rocking back and forth on his cock. The soon switch positions and proceed to anal fuck doggy style, the two of them moaning louder and louder as they approach orgasm.
Oh FUCK!? screams Countess as she has an intense orgasm, causing her to breathe heavily before collapsing on the bed; the officer quickly moves and grabs the Countess`s head and proceeds to jerk his cock until he screams loudly, shooting stream after stream of cum on her face and in her mouth. He jerks the remaining cum into her mouth a moment before fucking her face briefly, causing her to gag.
Countess grabs her throat and gags for a moment before sitting up in a trance-like state. I am The Countess, minion of Lady Venom; we will enforce the mistress`s will. Says the Countess. Agreed, we must seek out the remaining members of the Justice Council. Says the officer. The two rise and exit the room slowly, making their way to the Officer`s vehicle where they will now pursue the remaining members of the Justice Council!
The End

Duration: 00:40:27

Resolution: 848×480

Format: Flash Video