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Vanessa Vixen – Sex As A Weapon FullHD (

Vanessa wants to go out with her girlfriends, but she has a problem. Her chores are not done….and there is no way she could get all her chores done in time to go out. While on the phone with her friend, Sara….Vanessa is shocked to find out that Sara has a “method” of getting things done. Sara confides to Vanessa, that she gets her Brother to do her chores….by having sex with him!!! Vanessa is stunned….”REALLY?? your own Brother???…that’s sick Sara….how can you possibly have sex with your own Brother??!!”. After thinking it over, however….Vanessa decides to give it a try….because she really wants to go out with her friends. Vanessa approaches her Brother, Steven….and asks if he’ll do her chores for her….if she gives him a handjob. Steven is shocked and confused….and tells her to Fuck-Off. Vanessa ups the offer to a blowjob….but Steven’s response is the same. Vanessa offers to let him Fuck her…..but still….no go!!! Vanessa reports back to Sara, that the “plan” didn’t work. After consulting with Sara…Vanessa soon realizes the flaw in the plan…..She had too many clothes on!!! Males are very visual creatures after all. Vanessa decides to strip down to just her panties….and approach her Brother again. This time the result is different!!! When Steven sees his Sister’s Big Tits as she walks in the Living Room….his jaw drops!!! Vanessa has discovered using SEX AS A WEAPON!!! As Steven stares at his Sister’s Big Tits….Vanessa casually removes his pants….and tells him to hurry up and Fuck her… she can leave. Vanessa rolls her eyes as Steven eats her Pussy….and tells him to “hurry up and get it over with already…” as her Brother pumps away at her. Steven humps his Sister until he ejaculates…at which point Vanessa describes all the chores he must now do, while she goes out to have fun!
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