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Undercover Sluts – Clover Baltimore, Don Baltimore – Big Tiddy Goth Cousin 4th of July HD mp4 720p

Wow do I love 4th of July and I love my family. My favorite cousin comes down from Philadelphia every year and stays the weekend with us. Recently, though, she’s been a real pain in the ass. Too cool for school, you know? She’s one of them got bitches… them big tiddy goth gfs that are so fashionable. The bitch probably wears a choker to bed at night, and all she talks about is trash music and how lame everyone is. She can kiss my ass cuz she ain’t bringing me down this weekend. It Natty Boh and Crabs in Baltimore, baby! It’s funny though, she becomes really pleasant when you’ve got something she wants.

Part 2 – My perpetually bored, asshole cousin is lucky she’s hot. She’s been here a day and she’s a fucking mooch. To top that, she’s demanding and has a terrible bitch attitude. I’m amazed by how friendly and compliant she gets when I have something she wants, though. I wanted a handjob, we made a deal…
Part 3 – My big tiddy goth cousin has loose morals and always wants something, I swear. We made a trade and she sucked my dick…
Part 4 The holidy weekend is over, and my big tiddy goth cousin is leaving tomorrow. We had a fun time, and I’m going to miss her. I need to get a piece of ass out of her before she leaves, and it shouldn’t be too hard with her slutty ass. She came into my room when the whole family was out watching fireworks down the road, and I had her show me her stripper moves in heels and a thong, twerking. Again she wanted something, so we made a deal for some pussy. This girl thought I was going to use a condom… lol we’re family… why would I do that!? I fucked her every which way, and she bounced those big goth tiddies and that giant impressive ass on me. She said I couldn’t cum in her cuz she wasn’t on birth control so I put a giant load of cum on those perfect goth tits. I can’t wait until she comes home for Christmas!
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