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Part 1
About a week ago my buddy Jason came back from a fun weekend trip , he told me had a great time and actually spent the whole weekend at a swingers resort. He started showing me pictures of all the girls he hooked up with and as he was scrolling through I noticed I recognized two of the girls in a picture . It blew me away that it was my two beautiful aunts Makyala and Coco. I always heard my aunts were a little wild and to be honest I always had a little crush on them but I had no idea that they were the type of girls who would cheat on my uncles. I knew my aunts always did girls day on Saturday where they would get together and drink wine and usually my step-mom would join but the last couple weeks my step-mom had been working weekends and that’s why she wasn’t on the trip with them and that’s why I knew she wouldn’t be there this Saturday drinking wine with them . I decided to go and see what happened when I told him what I knew. Since it was my aunts house I felt comfortable enough to let myself in And I found the girls in the living room drinking some wine. We made some small talk and caught up a little bit and then I decided to hit them with it. I told them what my friend saw and I showed him all the pictures and some of the videos that my friend took when he was Fucking both of them. They were shocked and scared at first knowing that I had evidence of their betrayal and that quickly turned into a strange form of anger . They told me I needed to delete the videos and forget everything I saw And I told them that wasn’t going to happen so then we went into a bargaining mode . They offered me money and other gifts if I just promise to delete the videos in pictures but I declined everything. I told them if they really wanted to buy my silence then I wanted to do with them what they did with my friend in the video and pictures. They were even more shocked and angry now And I told them before they said anything stupid they should think about my offer and if they decline it then I’m going to just send everything to my uncles and I told him I was going to step out for a minute and I left the room. I gave him a few minutes to think it over and then when I walked back in the living room I asked them if they had come to a decision After they tried bartering for another minute they reluctantly agreed to some of my demands . I decided I would start off slow with them so I told them that today all they would have to do is strip down to their bra and panties and just perform some sexy poses while I stroke myself to completion on the couch . They were not happy about this at all but all it took was a little more threatening and reminding them of what I had on my phone and they complied. Watching my two sexy aunts strip down to their bra and panties and tease me with sexy poses was more than I can take and before long i came like a geyser! once I had composed myself I told them with what they had done today that they had bought a week of silence from me and only a week. I told them that if they did want my uncles to find out about this and all the other stuff they’ve done then I would be back next Saturday to collect another round of payment from them. I got dressed and I left and all I could think about was what I was gonna make my cheating aunts do next Saturday!

Part 2
I spent all week thinking about what I was going to have my cheating aunts do for me so that I would keep their secret. When Saturday rolled around I knew they would be getting together for their weekly girls day hang out so I headed over and I found my aunt Coco aunt Makayla sitting on the couch in the living room not looking very happy to see me. I tried to make some small talk but I’m sure they were dreading the real reason I was there so I just decided to come out and say it . I reminded them that if they didn’t do what I wanted I would tell my two uncles that they had been cheated on him and I’d show the pictures. They grudgingly agreed and asked me what I wanted them to do? I told them to switch places with me so I sat down on the couch while they stood in front of me, but unlike yesterday I told them they could actually keep their clothes on today. That seemed to make them a little happier but I could tell they were very suspicious still, I said they would be allowed to keep their clothes on But they were going to be giving me a handjob! as you can expect they had somewhat of a negative reaction to that but I didn’t let that phase me I dropped my pants and my raging hard erection Pointed straight at them. They tried to argue and disagree but I told them this was going to be the cost of my silence and so reluctantly they just got on with it. For the next several minutes I sat back and watched my beautiful Milf cougar cheating aunts stroke me to completion And all I could think was this is really the best way to spend a Saturday! I can’t wait for next week and what I’m going to make them do next. This is part 2 of Blackmailing My 2 Cheating Aunts, this series stars Coco Vandi and Makayla Cox. This is a POV Taboo Cougar Milf Cheating Blackmail CFNM Handjob Scene.
Part 3
It had been a week since I last saw my cheating aunts Coco and Makayla, since it was Saturday I knew it was time to meet up with them and collect another installment on their payment plan for me keeping my mouth shut. When I got to my aunts house I just let myself in and I found them both sitting on the couch sipping some wine and not looking very happy to see me. We tried to make some awkward small talk but I decided just to get straight to the point and tell them it was time to pay the Piper. They groaned and like normal tried to talk their way out of it but once I applied a little bit more pressure they reluctantly agreed to make a payment and asked what I wanted. I told him to go ahead and stand up while I sat down on the couch, while sitting down on the couch I lowered my pants and released my raging hard erection. I told him that today they would need to take their shirts and bras off. Once that was done they asked if I wanted another Handjob And I told him no today was going to be something a little different. I could tell they were both nervous when they asked what exactly I wanted from them today and with a big smile on my face I told them I wanted to titty fuck the hell out of them! I made it my 2 beautiful topless cheating ants take turns sliding my raging hard erection Between their breasts! After making them do it in several different positions it didn’t take me very long to explode all over both their chests, I told him to get cleaned up and I would see them next weekend!
Part 4
It was Saturday again which man it was my favorite time of the week, time to go get some sexual favors from my cheating slutty aunts! When I got to the house I let myself in like normal and found my aunts Coco and Makayla sitting on the couch waiting for me . After so many weeks of blackmailing them I feel that we had finally reached a point where they knew their place so there wasn’t too much resistance to my request. I told him to get up off the couch while I sat down took my pants off and made myself comfortable , as normal I was hard as a rock. I told him to strip down To just wearing their panties which they did and to my great fortune they were both just wearing thongs! I told them for them to buy my silence for another week they were both going to have to suck me off topless and they reluctantly agreed. They took turns bobbing up and down on my raging hard member until not too long added upcoming deep in my hand coco’s mouth but I saved a few shots for an Makayla too! They reminded me that next Saturday was the family pool party with all my aunts uncles and cousins and parents getting together so I couldn’t get a payment next week. I told him I remembered and I understood it wouldn’t happen but secretly I was already making plans to fuck both of my aunts at the family get-together. This is part 4 of Blackmailing My 2 Cheatings Aunts, this series stars Coco Vandi and Makayla Cox. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Threesome Blackmail Topless Deepthroat Blowjob scene.
Part 5
It was Saturday again But unlike last week this week my whole family was getting together for a pool party so my two cheating aunts thought they were off the hook. The party was going great and I was having a lot of fun hanging out with all of my relatives but once I saw my aunt Coco and Makayla go off by themselves into the kitchen I decided it was time to make my move. I snuck up behind them in the kitchen Grabbed both their butts and once they came down from the startle they both glared at me. They told me I couldn’t do stuff like that since my family and their husbands were just outside , I reminded him about our deal and told them that it was Saturday in time for my payment. They told me they couldn’t do it with everyone in the house and I decided to make them a little offer . I told him to go make their excuses to their family and husbands and meet me in the bedroom and if they did exactly what I asked when we were finished I would delete all the evidence I’ve been using to blackmail them. They both seemed hesitant to take the deal and I said if they didn’t take the deal then I would just walk outside and show my uncles the evidence I had at which point they reluctantly agreed and went to make their excuses while I went to the bedroom . I got naked on my aunt’s bed and made myself comfortable and once they came in the room I told him to strip for me and they did , once they were completely naked I told to crawl up on the bed with me and take turns sucking me off! After I had my fill of that I told him the last thing they had to do was both take turns having sex with me, label tried to protest but I reminded them of our deal and then the real fun started . I pounded both of them until they had multiple screaming orgasm’s and somehow my relatives didn’t hear that part , I thought for sure we were going to get caught but I just kept pounding! Once all three of us came down from our orgasmic high we agreed that we should all get together every Saturday and continue this Fun tradition we had started!

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