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Atlanta Fetish Model Jasmin Jai – Spending The Summer With My Aunt Complete Series FullHD 1080p

This is the full and complete series of Spending The Summer With My Aunt, this series stars Jasmin Jai. this is a POV Taboo Milf Aunt Nephew Handjob Blowjob Sex series, you can buy all 4 parts here at a discount.
Part 1
I was on summer brake and my step-mom and step-dad said they would pay to fly me down to spend the summer with aunt Jasmin if i wanted. my aunt was the best, she was fun, lived by the beach and i had the biggest crush on her so i told my parents yes. when i go there aunt Jasmin met me at the door and showed me around her beach condo, we made some small talk and then she showed me my room. when i came back out into the kitchen a little while later Aunt Jasmin and changed it to a pink 2 piece swimming suit, she looked fucking hot as hell in it. she told me she was gonna lay out on the balcony to tan and t come get her if i needed anything. after a little while i couldn’t take it anymore so i went back out to the living room and watched my aunt through the sliding glass doors, the glass was tinted so i knew she could see me. i dropped my pants and started jerking off, it was so hot i came in no time, i think this is gonna be a great summer.

Part 2
i was in my room relaxing when i heard my aunt calling from the living room. i walked out to her and she asked me to sit down on the couch, she told me she needed to talk to me about something. she said she saw me masturbating and watching her while she was sunbathing. i was truly shocked and speechless, i was caught and didn’t know what to do. she told me not to worry, she said it was only natural and i think she was kinda flattered. then she dropped a bomb on me, she said she liked masturbating too and when i felt the urge maybe we could do it together. i was so turned on i said i felt the urge right now, she laughed and sat back on the couch and pulled up her dress, she wasn’t wearing any panties. i took my pants off and started masturbating too, before long my aunt had a screaming orgasm. she came down from the blissful high and then offered to help finish me off!
Part 3
i was sitting playing in my phone when my aunt jasmin walked by…… Topless! she casually said hi to me and then told me that she was going outside to tan. we made some small talk and i told her how good she looked. she did a little spin for me to show off her body and then asked me if i was gonna be jerking off when she went outside. i just told her the truth and said yes unless she wanted to help me again. she asked if i really wanted help and i said sure, she walked over to me and told me to drop my pants. she got down on her knees and started sucking my cock, my beautiful aunt swallowed every drop!
Part 4
i was just sitting in the living room on my aunts couch naked an getting ready to to jerk off. id gotten this comfortable because me and my aunt had been fooling around and i knew she wouldn’t care. my aunt walked by in a towel and asked what i was doing, i told her i that i was gonna watch a porn but since she was gonna go tan that maybe id watch her instead! i asked her what type of bottoms she was wearing, she said she wasn’t wearing any and dropped her towel, she was completely naked! then she asked if i could help her have some fun and of course i said yes. she walked over to the couch, dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. before long i was banging my smoking hot aunt against the window of her condo over looking the beach!

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