Primals FANTASIES – Daisy Full Sesson HD 2015

Part 1
Daisy believes she is here to be helped with her anxiety issues. We put her under and then have her walk around the room repeating her obedience mantras. She is deeply under, and her eyes are rolled far back in her head. Next, we put her out again and program her to find her clothes very comfortable. She is programmed to remove them without even being aware as she is speaking with us. She then is commanded into her mesmerized state while fully nude, walking and crawling around the room while repeating her mantras. Finally, she is put under and programmed to be a puppy. She happily runs on all fours, yapping, wagging her tail, and begging for treats.
Part 2 Orgasm Therapy
Daisy believes that she is now back for another day of therapy. She has been programmed to be unable to take the hitachi off of her pussy once she begins masturbating. Now awake, we tell her that the best thing to treat anxiety is to have orgasms. She refuses to masturbate but then is told to OBEY. She falls into her predetermined mode and begins using the hitachi on her self. She has multiple hard orgasms and slips out of her haze, but the programming remains. She is unable to move the hitachi away from her now throbbing pussy. She begins to spasm and convulse, even falling out of the chair. She loses total control of her body and screams and thrashes as she struggles to move the wand away. Finally, when the floor is wet from her pussy, we put her out. This was incredible how deeply she was programmed.
Part 3
Daisy is (she thinks) back for a week later for her next therapy. She is deeply programmed at this point. Acting as her “therapist,” I explain that her problems all stem from a powerful Oral Fixation, and the best way to treat it is by performing Oral sex as regularly as possible. She is very embarrassed and laughs a little nervously, looking away. When I further explain that it needs to be in a clinical setting and that she needs to suck my penis regularly, she begins getting uncomfortable and angry. That is, until she is commanded to obey.
Part 4 Little “China” Doll
Now that we have completed Daisy’s “therapy,” we have decided to have some fun. She is an inanimate “China Doll.” (To be politically correct, she really is of Korean background.) We pose her in multiple positions and use her unmoving but still very soft and welcoming body as a fuck doll.

Duration: 01:11:36

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4

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