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Mixed Model Wrestling – Alora Jaymes – Awesome A vs Crushing Kyle HD (

Added: 4/26/15
Scene One: Gut Wrenched
Crushing Kyle fights Awesome A in this exhibition wrestling match. Strength against skill, speed against endurance as the two playfully fight against each other. But things get serious when Awesome A begins to choke Kyle with her strong legs. Crushing Kyle is getting a taste of his own medicine from the smiling and laughing Awesome A. She crushes him like a toy, leaving him breathless and helpless on the mat. Come on fight like a man! She taunts him. Awesome A is living up to her name in this heart pounding match!
Scene Two: Random Draw
Why don’t we make this more interesting Awesome A says pulling off his clothes. If I win, I get to fuck you. And if you win you get to fuck me. They strip naked and roll around on the mat. Crushing Kyle has a huge incentive to win this match and tries his hardest to dominate the large breasted cutie.
It’s when Awesome A begins to stroke his cock that he starts to lose the will to fight back. But he can’t lose like this! Crushing Kyle gets on top of her and pins her arms, pushing his cock inside her and fucking her while she tries to get loose. They go back and forth, each wrestler torn by the need to get fucked and the need to win. Dick sucking, pussy pounding, and lots of dirty hot action lead to a great facial all over Awesome A’s face. But who’s the winner when everyone gets to cum?
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