Last Update: 18/11/2021

TheRyeFilms – Pristine – Lexi Belle 1080p

Pristine, the Guardian of Nature, hears rumors about a Super Toxin being produced by a local oil tycoon known as Stye Malace. She interrupts his daily routine and demands that he take her to his facility using brute force. Stye is completely outmatched and complies with the gorgeous protector of Purity. After searching his warehouse Pristine is attacked by Stye with a sledge hammer but her Eco Shield protects her from the blow, or at least mostly…
To her surprise, Pristine felt a slight contact from the sledge hammer but it wasn’t enough to cause any real pain. She brushes it off and takes Stye down again. Style grabs the sledge hammer again and Pristine gives him a free shot. Stye wastes no time and goes straight for her crotch. To Pristine’s surprise, she feels intense pain this time and almost buckles. She gathers herself and pretends that nothing happened. She makes short work of Stye and demands to see his Super Toxin. Pristine threatens to destroy his beloved artificial intelligence known as Julia.

Stye again complies and brings a sample of his now infamous Toxin. He keeps his distance as he explains how the Toxin was originally designed to take her down. Pristine reminds Stye of her Eco Shield and he explains that his sledge hammer was coated with a nano technology designed to eat through her Eco Shield. Pristine suddenly realizes that her shield is nearly gone and her demeanor changes. Stye grabs Pristine and she yanks her arm away but now it’s covered with Stye’s black slime.
Pristine is immediately in pain as the Toxin begins to burn her skin as it seeps through her protective uniform. She tries to heal herself but to no avail… Pristine realizes she is in deep trouble and goes on the offensive but isn’t able to do any real damage to stye. Pristine is met with a barrage of crushing blows that send her crumbling to the ground. Style slaps the blonde beauty around and then pins her against the wall by her neck. Pristine struggles for air as Stye’s hands start to explore her pure virgin body. Unable to stop him advances, Pristine is groped in her most vulnerable areas until she passes out.
This movie includes Beatdowns, low blow, sim sex, groping, KO’s, Slime and more slime!, choking, slaps, OTS carry, butt slaps, and more!

Duration: 00:32:51

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4