Last Update: 18/11/2021

The Hottest Diaper girls – Cory Chase and Molly Jane in School Girl Diapered

Scene One: What to do about the bathroom
Molly gets ready to leave for school, but is stopped by her mom. Cory tells her that she was caught smoking in the girls bathroom yesterday. Cory lifts up her daughter’s skirt and puts her over her knees and spanks her like a bad girl.
The principal has banned Molly from using the bathroom at school so Cory has to show her daughter what will she will be using from now on. Striping off her panties Cory lays her down and diapers her with powder and shame. Molly tries to tell her mom that she can’t quit smoking, so Cory gives her a binky to help with her oral habit. With clothes back on and binky in mouth Molly leaves to go to school.
Scene Two: Proud of my diapered girl
Molly comes home binky in mouth and test paper in hand. She got an A in class today! Cory is so proud of her and gives her a hug. She notices that Molly has wet herself and changes her diaper.
Holding her daughter in front of her Cory gives Molly a reward for being so good. She lets her masturbate while she plays with Molly’s large breasts. Holly rubs herself in the diaper bringing moans and a orgasm. Cory holds her, so proud of her little girl. – Cory Chase and Molly Jane in School Girl Diapered

Duration: 03:00:00

Resolution: x