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The Breast Experience HD (720p/2016)

Added: 11/27/16
I know what you want… what you can’t bare to resist. It’s painfully obvious just how much you need these. My big, delicious breasts. If only you knew what my fingers were doing to these sensitive nipples right now, to make me gasp and bite my lip. So tender, receptive to my touch… even orgasmic. The slightest little pinch sends waves of pleasure down between my legs. I can’t take it. And neither can you.
It makes you so hard, all you want is to see them with your own eyes… Take your stiff cock out of those pants, touch yourself for me. For my tits. For the way my fingertips incessantly brush over my nipples, arousing them to tighten and perk up. For the dirty, whispered confessions as my hands squeeze my heavy, soft breasts.
They’ve changed… and you’ve noticed. Bigger, fuller, and in need of constant stimulation. Rubbing and pulling on these tender tips, building to a kind of climax I’ve never felt before. I need your cock sandwiched tight in my cleavage, to feel my nipples dragging across your bulbous cock head. And …your thick cum coating my juicy tits.
Fantasy includes: edging titty fuck, masturbation encouragement, dirty talk, big breasts, nipple fetish, nipple play, cum on tits, nipple play orgasm, pov
Categories: TITJOBS, BIG TITS, ORGASMS, TITTY FUCK, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, porn, titjob, nipple squeezing, nipple pinching, nipple climax, breast play, big boobs, joi, whispering, all natural, tease, edging, moaning, titty groping, sensitive nipples.

Duration: 00:26:33

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4