Last Update: 30/11/2022

The Battle for Earth – Asia – Gem of Domination FullHD 1080p

Our heroine is used to dealing with her nemesis Nix and his posse of criminals. She faces him yet again and quickly disposes of his two henchmen. This time, he has a plan and in a moment of opportunity, uses a gem to “bind” with the heroine’s power center. The long game objective is to figure out a way to separate our heroine from her sword, a weapon which offers her protection. if she can be distracted or disabled enough to separate her sword, Nix knows he has a chance to not only defeat her, but to exert involuntary control in perpetuity. Find out if Nix is successful.
Contains: 2 on 1 Male/ used to bind heroine’s power center for control and torture, forced BJ’s, forced fucking, forced O, cum shot, brief topless nudity, blood effects on wounds, heroine shot with barbed spears in chest.

Duration: 00:30:38

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4