Taboo-Fantasy – Jennifer – Magical Fertility Necklace 3 (1080p/2015)

Added: 9/22/15
WHEN YOU HAVE TITS LIKE JENNIFER….EVEN YOUR OWN DAD CAN’T RESIST!!! JENNIFER’S DAD USES THE LETHAL “MAGICAL FERTILITY NECKLACE” TO GET HIS BUSTY LITTLE GIRL TO FUCK HIM!!! JENNIFER FALLS UNDER THE SPELL AND FUCKS LIKE A WILDCAT!! Jennifer is going through the Living Room….in a tight, short, black dress…..trying to find her iPad. Dad helps her look…but Dad can’t help but be distracted by the sexy young girl. After a few moments, Jennifer gives up and walks away. Dad is so turned on by the site of his blossoming young Daughter….he composes a plan!! He has obtained a lethal “Magical Fertility Necklace” which he had planned on using on the new Secretary at work….but he decides to try it on his own Daughter!! The Necklace, it is said….has a Powerful effect on whoever wears it. They will be immediately overcome with lust….and have a desire to have sex with the very first person they see!! Dad presents the Necklace to Jennifer….and even puts it on for her. After a moment….sure enough…..Jennifer starts to feel “funny” and says “Daddy I NEED you cock!! Right now!!” Jennifer whips out her Dad’s cock and sucks on it desperately. Then Jennifer mounts her dad’s cock and rides it for all it’s worth!!! Jennifer is possessed!!! Daddy Fucks Jennifer hard until he ultimately cums all over her face!! As she lies there with Daddy’s sperm all over her….Jennifer decides to take the Necklace off and put it in her Jewellery Box!! Daddy wrestles with her….trying to stop her. Finally Jennifer gets the Necklace off…..essentially breaking the spell…..and she is totally confused at the site os her naked Father on top of her….and a sticky substance all over her face!!!
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Duration: 00:14:08

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4