Last Update: 18/11/2021

TABOO-Fantasy – HOME ALONE (1080p/ 3/19/15)

When Conor and his Baby Sister Odette are left Home Alone by their Parents….for 5 months (!!!)…….NOBODY predicted that THIS would happen!! Mom has gone out to the west coast to tend to sick Aunt Mildred, and Dad has been transferred out of State for 5 months for his job. Reluctantly, Mom and Dad leave the two young Siblings Home Alone for 5 months. On their very first day of “freedom”…the two start off by arguing over the remote. Within a few minutes, however….maybe it was because they are both at that age where hormones a out of control…..maybe it was because they didn’t have boyfriends or girlfriends….maybe it was because the stars were in a weird alignment….maybe it was because Odette’s short shorts were REALLY short….who knows??? But, within the first hour of being left Home alone…the two youngsters begin a passionate physical Affair!!! Tiny Baby Sister Odette is shocked at the Massive penis her big Brother has…and she eagerly starts to suck it. It grows to an enormous size….and Odette wonders if it could possibly enter her vagina without splitting her wide open!!! Horny young girl that she is…Odette takes her Brother’s Giant cock all the way in….and it hurts…..but it hurts SO GOOD!!! Conor Pounds away until he fills his little Sister up with semen. Flash forward…’s 5 months later…..Dad returns home…and to his horror…..Odette is Pregnant!!!! Dad freaks out…threatening to harm the asshole who knocked up his baby girl…..and then Dad finds out the ugly truth….his Son Knocked up his Daughter!!!! “OMG!!!!….I can’t believe it!!! I thought you would throw wild parties….I though you might burn the house down….but I NEVER expected this!!!” Dad says.

Duration: 00:15:57

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: Windows Media