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BABY SISTER TURNED INTO SEX ROBOT!! WHEN HIS BABY SISTER ALAINA BECOMES A COCK TEASE AROUND THE HOUSE IN HER SHORT SHORTS… MITCHELL HIPNOTIZES HER…AND TURNS HER INTO “ROBOSISTER”!!! WHENEVER MITCHELL SAYS THE WORD “MAYONAISE”…. ALAINA TURNS INTO A ROBOT SEX SLAVE!!!!! Mitchell is growing increasingly frustrated by his Baby Sister’s behaviour. Alaina has gotten into the habit of walking around the house in short shorts. REALLY short shorts!!! She isn’t doing it for any particular reason…she is just being a young girl….she is completely unaware of the effect she is having on her older Brother. At the end of his rope….Mitchell resorts to drastic measures!!! He desperately wants to Fuck his smoking Hot Baby Sister…..but he can’t exactly tell his own sister that he wants to Fuck her….so he comes up with a plan. He asks Alaina to help him with his homework for Hipnotism School. She laughs at him…saying that he is a loser….that there is no such thing as Hipnotism…..but she eventually agrees to let him practice on her. Sure enough….Mitchell is able to get his little Sister to fall under his trance….and he gives her specific instructions…..”Every time you hear the word “mayonnaise”…you will say “I want my Brother’s cock….I need my Brother’s cock….I must have my Brother’s cock”…..and whenever I say “now”….you will wake up, and have no memory of what has happened”. Alaina is brought out of the trance….sure that her booger-head Brother has failed. The nest day…Alaina is wearing skimpy shorts again…bending over in front of him….so Mitchell says “mayonnaise”. Alaina immediately says the phrases she has been trained to say…and goes for his cock. Mitchell makes his Baby Sister suck him off until he cums in her mouth….then brings her out of it with the release word. Alaina has a “funny” taste in her mouth…but she is otherwise unaware of anything. The following day….AGAIN she struts into the living room in short denim shorts…and actually bends over right in front of Mitchell to get a magazine!! The site of her tight, sexy ass being presented in front of him is too much to bear…so Mitchell says “mayonnaise”. This time while she is under….Mitchell Fucks the daylights out of his Robosister!!! As Alaina lies there like a Zombie…Mitchell gets out all of his frustrations on his little cock teasing Baby Sister by Pounding her Really Hard. After using her as a cum dumpster….Mitchell cleans his cum off of her….wakes her up….and little cock teasing Robosister is totally unaware of being Brutally sexually Violated by her big Brother!!!
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