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Taboo Family POV – Bella Rolland – Slutty step-daughter wants Daddy’s cum before mom gets home HD mp4 [720p/2019]

Hi Daddy, where’s mom don’t you have date night? She’s not at work… that’s not what she told me. She told me she was out with friends. I wonder why she would lie to us Daddy, I mean you are so good to her. She really doesn’t even deserve you. I mean you could do so much better. You know it too! I mean, I have always kinda had a huge crush on you. It’s okay, I mean it’s not like we are related. And I really like older guys anyway…

Maybe we can have some fun while mom’s doing whatever she’s doing. And I see you getting hard through your pants. Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom. Don’t pretend like you don’t like this, Daddy, I know you do. Do you wanna take your pants off for me daddy? I’ll take mine off… And if I’m being as naughty as you seem to think I’m being, spank me Daddy, I love it. What do you think of these panties daddy? I like them because they’re sheer. I stand up and shake my pretty little butt at you, showing off my bouncy little butt. Stroke it while I show off for you Daddy. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m finally doing this. You have like the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. And you’re wasting it on my mom… It’s like the size of my face daddy. I stroke it right next to my slutty little mouth. I want to slide it in between my lips so bad. I feel you getting harder for me Daddy. You like those nice long strokes don’t you? Can I put it in my mouth a little bit? I slide it into my drooling mouth, I’ve never done that before Daddy. Maybe you can teach me to do it the way you like. I love the feeling of you in my mouth and hands daddy. I keep stroking you, pressing my perky titties up against you as I feel you start to shake. You wanna cum on my tits daddy? I want you to paint my entire chest daddy. I keep stroking your big hard cock as your entire body shakes harder and hard until you cum all over my beautiful breasts! Look at all that cum! I said I wanted to be painted, and Daddy fucking painted me!
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