Taboo Diaries – They Made Me Fuck My Uncle (JWTies/ 720p/ 2015)

And Secretly I Loved It
Dear Diary,
I thought going to college would be all fun, games, partying, cute boys, and I guess a little class but I was wrong! My Uncle who is a Professor suggested I join this super popular sorority here on campus so I thought to make him happy I will.
Diary these girls are sooo mean! They picked on me during the interview! Then there was the hazing part! OH MY GOD! They tickled me, spanked me and even worst they made me fuck my Uncle! Yeah! The professor Uncle! They blindfolded me and lead me into a room and watched! They instructed me on what to do every step of the way! They had me stroke him, suck him & fuck him until he came all over me! One of them even got me to say “I LOVE MY FAMILY” while I was getting fucked! I was so embarrassed I tried to run out of the room but they brought me back in!
You know Diary, I kindof think Uncle Jack set all this up. Maybe that’s why he was so adamant that I enroll in this specific sorority. Honestly though Diary I really liked fucking my Uncle Jack, even if I didn’t know it was him at the time. I hope I get to do it again soon!

Duration: 00:16:56

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