SydneyHarwin – Strict Mom Wanks Son As His Punishment FullHD [ British / Taboo Artist/Jul 19 2018]

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Your mom has just discovered that you masturbate to porn on the computer in your bedroom. She spied on you through the crack in your door yesterday and she was contemplating on telling your father. She says that it is not right, and that the household’s religion forbids it. A young man like you should be more considerate of your beliefs, and should be able to restrain from jerking your cock to online filth. “I have to restrain myself,” She scorns you. “You don’t think I want to try new sexual ideas with your father?! You don’t think I’d love to go out and fuck other men behind his back just to… to… feel something?!?!” Your mother is getting increasingly more frustrated at your actions, so she instructs you to take out your penis and masturbate in front of her, in the hopes that it will embarrass you into never doing it again (until marriage anyway) …
You start to touch yourself, but it isn’t long before your angry mother just cannot stop staring at your manhood, and starts to touch her boobs. She stands up and lifts her skirt up, revealing her vagina, fingering it and rubbing her clit. She then asks you if you are nearly done, and that she won’t tell your dad if you don’t tell him what she just did… You inform her that you are finding it difficult to reach orgasm, so she reaches out underneath the kitchen table, wraps her hand around your cock and assists you in the task

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