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Sweet Milk Ttits – Son Your Girlfriend will never Be Mommy – Taboo Roleplay Cum in Mommy HD 2018

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Hi guys!!!! Im so excited you two finally came over for dinner. Im so glad my son finally decided to bring you. Its about time you’ve been hiding your little girlfriend for too long.—–……..
Honey I really loved meeting you girlfriend..she was soo gorgeous .. She reminded me so much of someone. Her beautiful eyes her round face her honey skin tone. How did you find a beautiful girl. …hehe Im sorry if I embarrassed you its just Im so proud of you. I just can’t believe you found a girlfriend that you mommy approves of. You Im picky when it comes to girls you date, I only want the best for you

I can’t stop complimenting her.. Im sorry she just reminds me…well…..of me… just younger. Why does your girlfriend look so much like mommy???? hehe Im just teasing you honey. Im sorry if im embarrassing you.. But just tell me why does she look so much like me.. Coincidence?
Sooooo does she you know put out??? *laughs.. You’re a grown boy now and I just want to look out for you and make sure you are being pleased… Wow if she’s no putting out theres something wrong…. She may look like mommy, remind you mommy, care for you like mommy but mommy would not leave you hanging for months without getting your dick tip wet.
Is this too much for my itty bitty boy … I can see you are a big boy literally I can see more of you if you know what I mean . I think im turning you on..
So tell me how does his girl keep you on a lease??? I think I can break that. Because she cant compare to me honey. No one can compare to your mommy no matter how hard you tried. I think you were being a little naughty boy and wanted someone as gorgeous and loving as your mother. You may have found somebody who looks similar but she still cant give you what I can.
******watch to see how mommy gets her sons to touch her big tits and admits his love for mommy . Admit it and see how Mommy gets her sons cock out, rubs her pussy for her naughty boy, lets him fuck her in the kitchen, makes her cum on his cock, lets him taste her pussy, makes mommy bend over after cumming so he can cum. You will get to do exactly what you want and have been wanting to do with your mother.
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