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Stacie Starr – Don’t Be Embarrased Mother… Everyone Masturbates SD mp4

MILF 552 – Taboo. The Awakening
Julia’s son found an old photo album. As he looked through he commented on how beautiful and hot his mother was. He asked her why she had let herself go. Julia explained to him that since his father had left him for a younger woman her self-confidence did not exist. She felt her days were just for taking care of the house and him. Her son told her that his buddy’s friend’s mom was her age and was hot! Julia became upset and felt awful about her appearance. Her son told her he thought she still had it, this cheered her up a little. Her son went to bed after kissing his mom. Julia looked through the scrapbook remembering happier less stressful days. She went in to the bathroom and gazed in the mirror, she had been ignoring herself and she realized it. Julia turned in for the night. As she drifted off to sleep she heard her son moaning in his room, she went to see if he was ok. When she got to his room the door was cracked open. She peeked in and saw him masturbating…

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Duration: 00:37:20

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