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10 hard kicks on his balls is what he.mp4
17min footjob in the bathtub and then on the.mp4
2 bitches are getting fucked by gynarchy str.mp4
2 words BBC Handjob. Damn that s hot.mp4
8min of seductive t0rture.mp4
A little Domme show for you.mp4
A little video for my fans before I go to the be.mp4
A little wholesome Hello and a demand for yo.mp4
A lot of time at home a lot of masturbation..mp4
A peak in our bedroom with nataliemars.mp4
About to wrestle you down. You stand no chan.mp4
After her shower a Goddess must be pa.mp4
After preparing me dinner I give my slave ma.mp4
After we wrestled and I won I let him eat my.mp4
All. My. Weight. On his face..mp4
Amazon woman s captive role play.mp4
An other angle from that smooth f sting session .mp4
An other fun moment from last night. .mp4
An other public p e e i n g Public bathrooms.mp4
An other roast tonight mmmmm.mp4
Are you dreaming to have a hot goth chick do.mp4
Are you worthy of worshipping me Firs.mp4
AVN s parties were wild and the perfe.mp4
ballbust ng on the menu for this slav.mp4
BBCocksucking 101 — Mistress Damazonia.mp4
Bend over it s time for a prostate exam.mp4
Bra or no bra ).mp4
Breath play nipple play latex enclosure bond.mp4
Bullying the short girl. With nataliemars he.mp4
But first….. let me fuck her..mp4
Candlelit sounding romance.mp4
Chastity has its up and down but you need to.mp4
ClubStiletto — Hungry Dick Swallows Her Entire Heel — Miss Jasmine, Mistress Damazonia.mp4
ClubStiletto — Mistress Damazonia — Amazon Ass, Miniature Penis.mp4
ClubStiletto — Mistress Damazonia — My Leather Ass on your face.mp4
ClubStiletto — Mistress Damazonia — My Leather Ass on your face.mp4
ClubStiletto — Mistress Damazonia s Fuck Toy.mp4
ClubStiletto — This is your Place — Mistress Damazonia.mp4
Cuckold role play. I m your wife and .mp4
Cum on feet is hot don t you agree.mp4
Damazonia fountain.mp4
Delicacy better to be consumed from t.mp4
Discreetly made myself cum right ther.mp4
Do you enjoy that view I bet you are.mp4
Don t you like to look up to me like that sl.mp4
Double f sting ass rimming and me dir.mp4
Drink it all. Until the last drop.mp4
Early night with my babe… tomorrow .mp4
Electric torment and tease and denial.mp4
Enjoying the view Cause I am.mp4
Entertain me.mp4
Facesitting and smothering in Wolford.mp4
Facesitting at its best.mp4
Facesitting rarely wearing an other color th.mp4
Feeding my maid my g0lden as his paie.mp4
Feeding my pet with my foot how hot. .mp4
Feet latex always a hot combo With my.mp4
Feet worshipper where are you Your Mistress is w.mp4
Filmed some playtime tonight with my .mp4
Foot domination and verbal humiliation. That.mp4
Foot tease foot domination foot job…. all .mp4
Foot tease.mp4
For all my butt fans…. here s a tease..mp4
For my sissy sluts out there….mp4
For my slaves in chastity…. I know your ca.mp4
For the love of filth…..mp4
For the ones who aren t worthy Worship the b.mp4
Forgot to post this Xmas spanking vid.mp4
Found this unpublished gem from a few months.mp4
FTT teaser.mp4
Fuckfest after the gym part 2.mp4
Fucking my bull tonight. Yes he is collared .mp4
fucking my property.mp4
G0lden juice from a Goddess.mp4
Getting entertained at home by slaves.mp4
Getting stronger so I can make any ma.mp4
Girl on girl fun with Mistress Marlene di Sonne..mp4
Goddess Tangent — Baby Gimp 2 — Part 3 — Mistress Damazonia.mp4
Goddess Tangent — Baby Gimp 2 — Part 3 — Mistress Damazonia.mp4
Guess who came first ).mp4
Had my sex toy pleasuring me this mor.mp4
Happy Equinox. It s the end of summer and th.mp4
Happy Halloween y all..mp4
Have my pets secured in bondage…. now I ca.mp4
Having my pretty little maid lick my armpits.mp4
Having so much fun with Mistress Tess.mp4
He s locked in the box and I m about .mp4
Hello from Berlin.mp4
Helping my friend Bastienne to spread.mp4
Here is your tall Mistress presenting her he.mp4
Hiiii… I have been busy moving into My new pla.mp4
His cock under my stiletto…. he can.mp4
His screams excite me. Damn How I lov.mp4
Hot latex in the shower.mp4
How do I look today ).mp4
How do I look today.mp4
I allowed my slave a released but at one con.mp4
I am in control of your cock.mp4
I bend over this random guy I picked up and .mp4
I brought NatalieMars in the plane s .mp4
I caught you staring at my crotch at the gym.mp4
I decided to put him on trial to be m.mp4
i destroyed his balls.mp4
I enjoy stepping on that c ck.mp4
I fuck this bitch so hard his Cock is milkin.mp4
I fucked him with a frozen banana. Why Because I.mp4
I got home yesterday and finally unlocked Na.mp4
I got my pet mummified tonight and f0.mp4
I just enjoy fist ng her butt so much.mp4
I know you fantasize about cock…. e.mp4
I let him cum on my foot and that s h.mp4
I let my man-pet cum all over my feet but ju.mp4
I ll pop your berry.mp4
I love filling up her hole with my thick cock. D.mp4
I love having my pet pleasuring me wi.mp4
I love hitting the most sensitive part on a .mp4
I love seeing my subs and slaves do w.mp4
I love the feeling of my perfect feet sliding on.mp4
I m a Goddess who knows her sexual po.mp4
I m a Siren…. I will seduce you and then m.mp4
I m about to stretch him out.mp4
I m doing my squats over your face this morn.mp4
I m having so much fun when I inflict.mp4
I m just always going to tease you and you alway.mp4
I m on my way to the office and I notice you.mp4
I m stretching my little piggy s ass .mp4
I m torturing my slave s balls using a heavy.mp4
I m your addiction.mp4
I mummiffied my slave in vetwrap and teased .mp4
I put Natalie on the bondage table hooded an.mp4
I really needed to p e e but had to take off.mp4
I received my new wand today from Ada.mp4
I smother you with my pantyhose booty.mp4
I stretched his ass for an hour in th.mp4
I think I look pretty hot sitting on .mp4
I use him as my gym mat… stepping a.mp4
I woke up with a desire for that big .mp4
I would never do this to you. You can.mp4
Is my butthole dirty If it is someone gotta .mp4
It excites you to see a woman wearing a cock.mp4
It s November 1st here in the east co.mp4
It s simple Suck my cock you slut.mp4
Jerk it like I do it — Mistress Damazonia.mp4
JOI today you re allowed to cum slave but on.mp4
Just a girl and some clothespins… P.mp4
Just a girl on a motorcycle ride needing to .mp4
Just Doing some squats…. You wish you would be.mp4
Just found that in my camera roll..mp4
Just having fun with this horse cock.mp4
Just some late night ass ducking. And.mp4
Just uploaded this video in my clip store bu.mp4
Last night I fucked my puppy girl nataliemar.mp4
Last night I threw a sex kinky party .mp4
Late night boobies.mp4
Late night fantasy from a huntress.mp4
Late night poo.mp4
Latex fun from last night. I f0rced my gimp .mp4
Learn how to worship my perfect breast prope.mp4
Legs open. Dick exposed. Lets have fu.mp4
Legs spread out. Balls exposed. Leath.mp4
Listen obey stay quiet..mp4
Listen to me. You will now work for me I wil.mp4
Little clip for my fans subs and slaves… kiss .mp4
Little teaser of a clip I filmed this weekend….mp4
Little teaser video of a fun intense ass poundin.mp4
Loser Humiliation teaser.mp4
Made myself come while you re tied up.mp4
Marilyn Manson got me like Yes I love dancing….mp4
Massage my feet while I m enjoying my.mp4
Me and my assistant nataliemars are torment .mp4
Me being silly in a tuktuk in Phuket..mp4
Me being silly sexy and slightly tips.mp4
Me dancing to britney Spears in Leath.mp4
Me doing my thing during a little get togeth.mp4
Message for you my best fans.mp4
Miss Malissia and I are having a glass of wi.mp4
Mmmm cake.mp4
Mmmm I had fun last night. That big alpha co.mp4
Montreal heat is getting to me…. plus I m .mp4
More foot worship for our foot bitch.mp4
More fucking. More f sting. I ll alwa.mp4
Morning announcement ).mp4
Morning demand.mp4
My ass hypnotizes you.mp4
My ass is your reward.mp4
My beautiful feet in transparent shoe.mp4
My big fat cock needs a hole.mp4
My birthday ride enjoying the wind an.mp4
My cock is hard and ready to fuck all your h.mp4
My fans LOVE this Pegg ng video. I had to re.mp4
My kind of party..mp4
My slave is in the vac bed and I torment him.mp4
My stud just filled me with cum upon my requ.mp4
My UK BBC bull is getting ready for me…. I wil.mp4
Naked on the to let. Just as if you w.mp4
Natalie Mars is my sexy gimp and I get so much p.mp4
Not what you thought eh ).mp4
Novices apprentices and minions… welcome i.mp4
Now how sexy is THAT.mp4
Once you smell my scent you ll become.mp4
One gimp two cum dumpsters one load of cum…mp4
One needle at the time bl00d will be .mp4
Open your mouth and don t waste a drop.mp4
Open your mouth slave. Your training is star.mp4
Opening up that slave hole for a warm up wit.mp4
P ssing in the wild wishing it was yo.mp4
pallormortis is such a beautiful obedient pe.mp4
Pantyhose Fetish Those Wolford Nylon .mp4
Part 2 of my delicious playtime with pallorm.mp4
Parties at my place always end up with some .mp4
Playtime with nataliemars last night was fun.mp4
Polish my boots slave. With your tong.mp4
Pool party yesterday was a lot of fun.mp4
POV facesitting for you dirty ass obs.mp4
POV Facesitting.mp4
POV from a very privileged place.mp4
POV trampling with my leather boots digging .mp4
POV when I stretch you out.mp4
POV Worship my nylons.mp4
POV- part 2 The fucking. You re still positi.mp4
POV- You're laying on your back with your le.mp4
Quarantine gimp vibrator wand fun times.mp4
Ready to party.mp4
Relaxing in the jacuzzi… until a bu.mp4
Reverse FJ on this juicy BBC.mp4
Round two…. heading to a latex wedd.mp4
Serve me in the morning…. serve me in the even.mp4
Sexy can ng session with my house slave. I l.mp4
Shaft is applying to be my bull so th.mp4
She summoned a sex demon she got it..mp4
shopping for an interesting session I m shooting.mp4
shower tease.mp4
Slave is plugged to the fuck machine f0rced .mp4
Smell my dirty panties you horny dog.mp4
Smell my sweaty ass.mp4
Smoking my new favorite cigar MonteCristo li.mp4
Smothering him with my big round ass that keeps .mp4
Sneak peek of a hot foot video I shot.mp4
Sneak peek of some of my sexy shenani.mp4
Some casual play from last night You should .mp4
Some filthy play with my filthy piggy.mp4
Some fun C B T never fails to entertain me.mp4
Some T0ilet training this morning. First one of .mp4
Something mesmerizing about a tongue .mp4
Something to suck on slut.mp4
Sound on if you want to hear my surprise for.mp4
Spit roasting this bitch and I m lovi.mp4
Staying home for that long has gotten me so .mp4
Stroke it for me…mp4
Stuffing unstuffing repeat..mp4
Suck it bitch straponsucking strapon.mp4
Suck on my massive cock little piggy.mp4
Summerwine vibe.mp4
Suntanning with my personal ashtray. .mp4
Teaser clip of me in a latex catsuit inflicting .mp4
Teaser vid for you cukolds… hungry for BBC cuk.mp4
That could be you….mp4
That leather is so soft…. but free the Nipple.mp4
That s an entertaining Facesitting ) I love .mp4
That s what happens at my house on just an o.mp4
The full video of shaft_uk being trained to .mp4
The morning after your first night in Chastity. .mp4
The other night I brought my slave to.mp4
The sexy process of getting in a latex catsu.mp4
The ultimate cukold fantasy. Watch th.mp4
Then I chose this big black cock as a starte.mp4
There s something so damn sexy about .mp4
Thirsty boy.mp4
This clip is so popular in my clips store I .mp4
This f sting scene with Natalie Mars .mp4
This jacuzzi is so warm on my naked s.mp4
This misbehaving slave deserved this t0ilet .mp4
This time I m just booty dancing promise ).mp4
To thank my fans.mp4
Totally ignoring you…. while you re.mp4
Under my foot is where I like my slav.mp4
Using my new Bad dragon XL toy for th.mp4
Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix Б─⌠ Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine — I wanna fuck him with my heel.mp4
Vegas subs and slaves who wish to serve.mp4
Very personal POV f sting. Your legs .mp4
Vials has me like… Did a little sho.mp4
Wanna peak inside my bathroom.mp4
Want some cake You ll eat it from my foot. f.mp4
Watch me brush my hair and get ready for my .mp4
Watch my perfect round butt while I s.mp4
We re just a bunch of naked sex worke.mp4
What a nice accommodating gapping asshole To.mp4
What my dirty uncle deserves for bein.mp4
When a Goddess goes to the to let you.mp4
When comes the reward…mp4
Where are my cocksuckers Come and polish my .mp4
Who else deserves a good fl0gging.mp4
Who loves latex.mp4
Who would like to be pegged like this.mp4
Wish it was you….mp4
With a body attachment plugged in the.mp4
Woke my gimp up this morning with a l.mp4
Worship all of our rubber and get your holes.mp4
Worship me from afar.mp4
Worship me from head to toes or I should say.mp4
Worship me Worship my leather. I m yo.mp4
Worship my armpits slave …. if you do a good j.mp4
Worship my boots. I know you are mesm.mp4
Worship my leather covered body.mp4
Worship my shiny ass…. I want you to becom.mp4
Worship your Goddess.mp4
Worshiping your Goddess starts by her feet. .mp4
You are my new cushion..mp4
You are perving on my ass while I do yoga I .mp4
You are restrained under my chair… incapable t.mp4
You are tied up under my desk while I m work.mp4
You asked for it…here you go a hot sloppy .mp4
You can see that I truly enjoy Pegg n.mp4
You can worship my latex… and that sexy camel .mp4
You caught me jerking off my big fat cock….mp4
You guys know how I love to t0rture my gimp. But.mp4
You know I enjoy a large and beautifu.mp4
You know I would step all over you making you fe.mp4
You re going to be our ashtray boy… and that i.mp4
You re right at my shoes level….. perfect .mp4
You re so small and I m so powerful…mp4
You re such a horn dog you can t help but sn.mp4
You summoned it there you have it Me enjoyin.mp4
You want to be mine Well you have a l.mp4
You want you to jerk off for me but you must.mp4
Your anal training is starting now bi.mp4
Your cock is locked up for me.mp4
Your dick in the middle..mp4
your Goddess is here waiting for some bitch boys.mp4
Your path to submission starts here with you.mp4
Your task is to worship my big round ass.mp4

Goddess Gia the Giant and I are just like two towers over this little size man. This is hilarious for us to be towering over him so much; How intimidating this is for him. We are pushing him around, lifting him up and even point out all his little limbs compared to ours. We are definitely an other specie: We are two Amazon women and you can’t deny it after seeing us put this little man in sandwich between us two and crushing him like he’s nothing. Ultimately, we even take off our shoes to show him that we are still much taller than him. We are superior and he will need to bow down to us.
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