Seducing My Son FullHD (1080p/2016)

Welcome home son. I’m so glad you’re back. The house feels so lonely with your father away on business. He’ll be gone for a few weeks, so I’m happy that you’re here to keep me company.
What am I wearing? Oh, I was just cleaning out my closet, and found my mink coat. I haven’t worn it in ages. Do you like it? The fur feels so luxurious on my skin. It’s so soft. Don’t you want to pet it?
I found my old leather boots, too. They’re certainly racy, with their sky high stiletto heels. Your father used to like them a lot, back in the day. These days he hardly seems to notice me. But I can tell YOU noticed. Look at that bulge in your pants!
It’s ok, son. You don’t have to try to hide your swelling cock from me. I want to turn you on. Do you think it was an accident I was dressed like this, waiting for you to come home? Be a good boy, and show me your cock. Stroke it for me and give me a little show. Do as your mother says, and I’ll show you what I’m wearing under this long fur coat, and give you a show, too!
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Duration: 00:11:56

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4