Last Update: 28/11/2022

Ryan Driller, Blake Blossom – Digital Affair HD 720p

Blake (Blossom) cuddles up to her husband Ryan (Driller) on their bed in the morning, eager to have sex with him, but he’s cold, rejecting her touch. “I need to know everything”, he declares.
“Have you been going through my personal laptop?”, she asks, as he puts it down on the bed before her. She denies having any affairs, instead asking him: “Do you watch porn? I like to talk to other guys, same as you like watching other women in porn. I like the interactions. I like to see a strange man’s cock. I like him to see me. I like hearing what he wants to do with me. I do it, all in the privacy of our own home”, she explains.
As far as he’s concerned, it’s not the same thing that he watches porn on-line and she interacts with men, strictly on-line and not in person. She denies wanting to meet up with any of them, but he doesn’t believe her, based on reading her intimate emails back and forth with these strangers. “What you read is how I get off. It’s fantasy. It’s like one of your kinks”, she insists.
They’re at an impasse, and Blake doesn’t come home, nor does she answer any of Ryan’s plaintive texts to her. He checks out her laptop again, and is shocked to discover Blake doing a live webcam show for all her “fans”. She masturbates with a dildo, and solicits the watchers to sext her cock shots, with the best cock to win a private session with her (via the internet).
When Blake returns home, Ryan is strong and stern as he starts to undress her, announcing “I saw everything”. She apologizes and tries to explain that her boss cut everyone’s salaries, and she was trying to earn extra money webcamming. But he’s not interested – he only wants to have sex with his alluring wife. Watch the steamy scene unfold…

Duration: 00:59:58

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4