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Robot and Limp Videos – Sophia Leone in The Best Limp Star HD (720p/2016)

Sophia has been watching videos online, producers are paying big bucks for actresses that can go limp. I just want to be the best Sophia tells her friend. So I took a bunch of sleeping pills He doesnt understand why she would do this. I’m getting tired She says falling over into his arms.Are you all right? He asks. Sophia wakes back up and asks how she did. You did great. It really turned me on He tells her taking out a rag and forcefully covering her face. Sophia struggles as she loses consciousness. Now with her truly out, he can do what he always wanted to. He lifts her up and sets her on the couch, pulling up her shirt and touching her tits. He reposition’s her a few times as he strips her tight clothes off and throws them to the floor. The perfect naked girl in front of him, he gropes and violates her before picking her up and bringing her into his bedroom to be his limp sex doll.
Categories: LIFT & CARRY, LIMP FETISH, Sophia Leone, Bruce Canon, lift and carry, Taboo, Fetish, Latina.

Duration: 00:13:42

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: Windows Media