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Robot and Limp Videos – Alex Chance and Cory Chase – Two Girls Trained FullHD mp4

Scene One: Sleep
Cory’s husband wants to spice up their sex life, and he has always had a fantasy of turning her into a robot sex slave. Talking about it with her friend Alex, they think it’s stupid. He asks if they want to give it a try. Not seeing any harm the girls agree and his swinging pendent begins to take affect. He asks them to go limp and they fall back onto the couch. It worked! Quickly programing them they say “Yes master, I am your obedient robot slave” He wakes them up and they ask when he is going to “Mind Control” them with smirks on their faces.
Scene Two: Obedient Robot Slave
The girls don’t know how wrong they are as he programs them to strip each other. Now naked he wakes them up. “Why are we naked!” Alex screams. They cover up as best they can and hide their embarrassment. He makes Cory watch, bringing Alex into and out of being his robot sex slave. “I don’t want to be a robot slave” Cory tells him and is controlled. They are completely under his power. Cory gets to her knees and sucks him as he watches Alex masturbate on the couch. “I am your obedient robot slave” the girls repeat.

Scene Three: I am not a robot
With Alex’s lips almost around his cock he wakes them up. Alex screams in horror “What’s going on!” “Please don’t use your mind control on us again” Alex begs. They are powerless against him and he can do whatever he wants. He makes Cory get on the floor and suck him again as Alex moans and rubs herself.
Pushing Cory between Alex’s legs, Cory licks her friend as she gets fucked from behind. The girls moan and say “ I am an obedient robot sex slave”. Cumming with soft moans they say “Thank you master” as he cums inside Cory’s pussy. Finished for now he leaves them naked on the couch staring at nothing, trained to obey and wait for his next command.
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