Last Update: 18/11/2021

ROBOMEATS Melissa Moore – Time Stop App 1080p

Tom is sitting, bored, at home, but he’s just bought an app for his tablet that is supposed to freeze someone in time, and he’s just dying to try it out. Considering who the perfect subject may be, he contacts a local agency and has one of their hottest strippers sent to his place. Wow, did he win the jackpot! This chick is a freakin’ smoke show! The only hitch, as she is quick to tell him, is that he’s not supposed to touch her. Just watch as she models for him, wearing a scandalously short skirt and a sheer, lacy, black top. “Well, fuck that noise!” he thinks to himself, activating the app and smiling as the stripper stops, frozen and completely unaware of anything around her. He plays with her first, posing her and changing her facial expressions. Picking her up, he carries her over to the couch to examine her luscious body. Sitting her in his lap, he removes the high heel shoes from her dainty, little feet. Standing her back up, He slides down her skirt to reveal some of the sexiest thong panties he has ever seen. Next, off comes the top, exposing her firm, young tits, which he grabs and squeezes. Once she is entirely naked, he positions her on the couch, and, sitting down next to her, wraps her tiny hand around his cock, using it to give himself a handjob. Hard and throbbing, He stands over her and shoves his cock into her mouth, fucking her face. Nearly on edge by this time, he poses the clueless fuck toy on all fours and gets behind her. Grabbing her round hips, he crams himself inside, fucking her hard. Just out of curiosity, he unfreezes her. She predictably freaks out, instantly finding herself naked, a fat dick stretching her cunt out. Refreezing her before she can move, he continues to plow into her tight pussy until he gasps and pumps her full of his seed. Redressing her and putting her back in the position she was in when he first froze her, he unfreezes her again. She is confused at first, but he acts like nothing has happened, complimenting her fantastic performance and telling her he’s going to tip her extra. If she notices anything out of the ordinary, she doesn’t mention it, and besides, what could she say? Someone who can stop time sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it? Sure it does. Now just take your money and get out, cum dump.

Duration: 00:16:03

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4