Last Update: 23/12/2021

Rachael Cavalli, Tyler Cruise – A Missa Xmas pt 1 HD 720p

Patriarch Larry (Tommy Pistol) welcomes his extended family for the holidays -first to arrive are stepdaughter Madi (Collins) and her boyfriend Tyler (Cruise). Madi’s mom Cathy (Rachael Cavalli) sips her drink and is crudely frank, chiding Tyler when he reveals that he and Madi are refraining from intercourse since they’re not married. “Men should be milked right early”, she says, embarrassing her daughter.
Other arrivals include Aunt Polly (Aiden Ashley) and her boyfriend Billy (Dante Colle). But before dinner, Tyler getting settled upstairs accidentally sees Cathy in her red lingerie as he passes her bedroom. She invites him in and flirts some more, noting “A young man like you should be fucking two or three times a day”.”My husband’s nice -too nice”.

She pulls Tyler’s big cock out of his pants and says: “Call me mommy now”, getting into some role playing. Cathy’s huge breasts are impossible for him to resist, and so’s her big butt.
With Cathy taking the lead they intimately adopt various positions, and even play footsie, en route to Cathy’s orgasm and his fulfilling her request for a creampie. Far from finished, she rides his cock, then they hump doggystyle and he ejaculates again, this time covering her ass. Cathy purrs “Welcome to the family”.
The holiday festivities have just begun, as folks sit down to dinner, and Part 1 ends with a literally fantastic twist: Who is this Tyler, really?

Duration: 00:36:50

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4