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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Richelle Ryan – Mom Does It Better HD (720p/

Part One – Mom Does It Better – Rion walks her Mom in the house after a long night of partying. She wants to keep the party going so she dances for him a little bit. She asks if his friends would be into her dancing for them if she was a stripper. Seemingly uninterested, she sits down next to him and rubs his leg asking why he won’t dance with her when she rubs a little too high up his thigh and realizes the reason he doesn’t want to get up is because his cock is hard. She tells him she understands and that she knows what boys his age want. That she’s seen the girls he brings home and peaked at them jacking him off on the couch. Richelle tells him she can help out, that she knows the girls his age don’t want to do exactly what he wants. Then she shows him exactly how much she can help out- with her hands, her mouth, and her pussy.
Part Two – Mom Does It Better – Richelle comes in the TV room to find Rion playing video games. She asks if he’s ok, that she feels like he’s been avoiding her the last couple of days because of the night they had together. She says everything that happened the other night was ok, that with his Dad not being around, it’s just them two in the house alone together. Richelle stands up and asks if he thinks she’s sexy. She says she’s not like those girls he’s been bringing home- she has curves, big tits, big hips, and a big ass. She wants to give him a little reminder of why MILF’s are better, so she strips off her clothes, sits down, and starts to rub her pussy. Leading him on, she grabs his hands and puts them all over her. She’s going to show him how Mom does it better.
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