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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Brooklyn Chase in My Mom’s Silent Lust For Me – Best Night my Son in his life HD (

Added: 1/1/17
Part One –
My Mom and I are out at the movies. As I’m reaching over for popcorn, our hands touch. I thought it was an accident, but when it happens again, I realize she is looking at me and smiling like she wants me. I think this can’t be real, but she keeps biting her lip while she’s looking at me and opening her shirt up more and more. Before I know it, she starts rubbing her foot on my leg while her high heel is dangling off her toes. When she finally moves the popcorn away from in between us and puts her feet on my lap, I know I’m not just imagining this. My Mom wants me.
Part Two –
I sneak into my Mom’s room while she’s sleeping. After our time together at the movies, I can’t get the thought of us being together out of my head. I start groping her all over and she doesn’t wake up so I keep going further and further. When I open her legs and slide my hand towards her pussy, she finally wakes up confused and whispers, “what are you doing”? I start touching her pussy and put my finger over her mouth and begin to pleasure her until she finally gives in.
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