Primal’s Taboo Sex – Alex Tanner – Daddy’s Little Girl Gets What She Wants HD (

Part One – Daddy’s Little Girl Wants Money
Dad is hard at work at his office when his prescious little girl comes in. She is supposed to be at school, but is bratty enough to show up wanting money for the mall. Dad is so stressed as it is, and her skipping school and spending money is the last thing he needs. Alex is daddy’ little girl and feels bad she made him stressed. She starts rubbing his tight shoulders, and it is just what he needs. dad mentions how mom never rubs his shoulders any more. Alex knows her mom doesn’t do anything for her daddy. She moves closer, telling daddy how, things don’t have to be the way they are. Suddenly dad notices a look in his little girls’ eyes he hasn’t seen before, and the way she is leaning in. he gets uncomfortable but she has him cornered…
Part Two – Daddy’s Little Girl Gets to Stay Out Late
Dad is wating up for his little girl, and then Alx comes stumbling in like shs didn’t do anything wrong in a skin tight tiny dress. her dad starts to discipline her, but, sh is brazen. So confident and knowing that her daddy needs to be taken care of the way only she takes care of him. He needs that more then she needs to be punished, she is sure of that
Part Three – Daddy’s Little Girl Needs His Dick
Now that Alex has done what she is done, she wasn’t prepared for how she feels. her daddy’s dick is all she can think about. Sure she has fucked around with boys around her age, but her daddy…he makes her feel SOOOOOO good. It’s all she can think about, as she slips into the bathroom to watch dad in the shower. he told her it can’t happen anymore, but she can’t accept that
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