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Primal’s SUPERHEROINE SHAME – Jasmine Wolff – Iron Hawk’s Fatal Encounter with Radioactive Girl HD (720p/

Added: 4/22/16
Iron Hawk is invulnerable and totally confident as she confronts Radioactive girl in her hideout. But, of course Radioactive Girl lets on that it is a trap, and insults Iron Hawk by being very condescending….
Iron Hawk finds herself out matched and RG keeps up the insults as she destroys the ever weakening heroine. She uses her nuclear power touch on the invulnerable superheriones most sensitive spot, causing agony and ecstasy at the same time. Then she moves in and gives Iron Hawk a heavy does of radiation poisoning.
Now Iron Hawk is restrained in RG’s lab where she is going to have the unique energy that makes her special drained. Since Iron Hawk is invulnerable RG is once more going to take advantage of the superheroines only vulnerable place. Iron Hawk is too weak to fight it, and she tries to hold onto her energy, knowing that once it is gone she won’t be special anymore, but, whenever the thrusting brings her too orgasm she can’t hold back and more of her energy is drained.
Iron Hawk gets weaker and weaker, and after RG checks the limp superheroine’s pulse it isn’t clear if losing her powers was more than she could survive.
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Duration: 00:24:37

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: Windows Media