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Primal’s Savage Tales – The Seed of a Warrior HD (

Added: 6/19/16
Mor-Onn the barbarian seeks out the the evil Witch Agatha. He is defeated by her magic and captures. Agatha explains that she lured him there so she can milk him of his seed, and make an army of strong, stupid men to server her.
Mor-Onn thinks he can resist but magic hands come out of the wall and the witch puts an arousing oil all over his body as the hands stroke and massage him. The barbarian struggles and refuses to give in, but his cock betrays him, exploding and filling Agatha’s waiting cauldron
Now that he has been milked nearly dry Agatha has no use for the barbarian. Almost no use that is except for feeding he Succubus servants. He is forced to fuck and pleasure the soul sucking demons, being whipped and commanded to fuck harder and longer. Every time one of the Succubi climax they drain more of his soul. Once they gorgeous demon women have made him a nearly soulless husk they begin sharing his cock, wanting to feed on the last of his seed before feeding on his entire body…
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