Primal’s ROBO KINK – Dillion’s Full Training Session HD (

Dillion has been referred by one of her friends (Jade) because she has not been able to sleep well. We program her very deeply and the power over her is almost startling. The training happens over two different days and totals One hour and twenty minutes.
PART ONE – Initial Programming – We Bring Dillion in and out, get her to strip in a trance She sleep walks, and is made limp, multiple times is woken up and is completely confused until she is put back under.
PART TWO – Orgasm Control – We suggest to DIllion that if she could have orgasms before bed she might be able to get more rest. She refuses the idea. We put her under and she mindlessly masturbates to orgasms while repeating her mantra. Now Dillion is even more under the programming, She is woken up and accepts the idea of masturbating to orgasm and we leave her to it. BUT she has been made unable to orgasm, no matter what she does, until our “therapist” touches her. Dillion becomes more and more frustrated and she struggles to climax, she becomes very angry. Finally the therapist returns and When he shakes her hand good bye she explodes in ecstasy, over and over she is touched and her body convulses and shakes and she has massive orgasms. She is confused and gasping and dripping wet by the time she is put under again.
PART THREE – Late Night Cocktail – We now suggest to Dillion that swallowing cum is a known sleep aid. She is immediately angry, and loses all faith in the therapy, until she is put under. She is given a compulsion to crave cum and the effect is very powerful. We use different key words to have mindlessly suck dick and also to desperately beg for cum.
PART FOUR – Rockabye Dillion – We explain to Dillion that the reason she can’t sleep is because she is sexually frustrated and that what she needs is a long hard fuck. She does not agree at all, put under we alternate between trance, limp and desperate. Once again the effects are very powerful.

Duration: 01:19:59

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4