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Primals FANTASIES – Alix Lynx – Humiliating Sexual Payback HD (720p/

Added: 4/28/17
Newly promoted Chief Attending Physician Dr Alix Lynx is finishing her last bit of paper work before calling it a night. She realizes she is not alone. A man approaches her, making comments about how she fucked another Doctor out of the promotion, literally. Dr Lynx is furious at the accusations and then even more so when the man starts telling her how he is going to fuck her, to make her know how it feels to know that she is just being used but to be too horny and weak willed to resist.
Alix thinks the man is crazy, but for some reason she can’t just walk away, and, even worse, when he starts to manhandle her and grope her tits, she doesn’t put up a real fight even though she protests. She is angry, but her pussy is so wet and aching and she is confused. Why isn’t she stopping him? How can he let him say what he is saying? No matter what she says her body contradicts her, and she lets him force her on to her knees, telling her how he is going to use her like a whore and never talk to her again…
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Duration: 00:14:29

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4