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Primal’s Darkside – Adrestia – Birth and Descruction of a Superheroine HD (

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INT. office. Day. Aidra,dressed as follows: glasses, a jacket, blouse, skirt, bra, thong and classic high heels, NO stockings or pantyhose)For Full Version CLICK HERE——AidraCalm down Mr VinchinoVinchino(standing up angry) Calm down? You want me to cop a plea? Be a rat? Are you outa your fuckin’ mind?AIDRAI am just saying, the evidence against you is overwhelming. No one in the jury is going to find you innocent.VINCHINOWell, I know a few of em’ know whats the best verdict.AIDRAWhat does that mean?VINCHINOIt mean’s I took out insurance, half that jury knows what’s good for them, if you know what I mean Vinchino moves closer to AidraAIDRAIf you are talking about jury tampering, I am required as an officer of the court…VINCHINO(Grabs Aidra by the face) You are…Required…to make sure I get off. Got it? Aidra nods frightenedVINCHINOIf you don’t get me off in the courtroom, you’ll get me off in your bedroom, Vinchino turns Aidra around and bends her over the deskYeah, you fuck me on this, I will FUCK YOU, like the submissive little slut we both know you are. Vinchino pull Aidra back upVINCHINOWe got an understanding, counselor? AIDRA(scared) Ye-yesVINCHINOThen say it…You fuck me, And I will FUCK you…Say it!AIDRAIf I fuck you, you will fuck meVINCHINOWell, I think that constitutes a verbal agreement, don’t it? (holds out his hand) Aidra, looking timid shakes his handVINCHINOThen its a deal, yes?AIDRAUm, yes, deal Vinchino leaves, Aidra sits down, first looking scared, then getting angry CUTINT. Living room. Night Aidra is on the phoneAIDRANo, He is locked up, and his thugs. I had to tell the judge that I suspected jury tampering Aidra looks like she hear’s somethingAIDRAWhat? Know, just thought I heard something. Anyway, there is nothing that son of a bitch can do, he is getting life Angle changeAIDRAListen, I am fine, I am exhausted though, I just need a shower and sleep…ok…you too…good nightThe scene starts with the lawyer coming home, relaxing a bit in the living room, walking to the kitchen, etc. Her client enters her apartment and begins to watch her. After a few minutes she goes to the bedroom to get ready for a shower. She puts her hair up and slowly and sensually undresses until she is completely naked except for her classic high heel pumps.She then walks through the apartment in the nude on her heels, checking a few things here and there, and then heads for the shower. Throughout she wears her hair up, her glasses and high heels. While she takes a shower, her client watches and masturbates.After her shower, the lawyer walks on her heels to the bedroom and lies down on the bed, still wearing her heels and glasses. She then notices her client watching her and yells at him to get out. He barges into her bedroom, grabs her by the hair and drags her to her knees. She is still in her heels and is forced to give him head. Lots of hairpulling (straight up in the air), face slapping, gagging, forced deep-throating, etc. The client then fucks her missionary and doggy-style while she is still wearing her high heels. The scene ends with a massive facial on the lawyer’s lips, glasses, nose and cheeks.Int. Day. Hospital roomAidra is unconscious in a hospital bed. Dr Kenna enters with young nurse. Dr Kenna has a syringeNurseDr Kenna, all the tests say her condition is psychological, not physical. Dr Kenna is ignoring her and getting the injection readyNURSEShe needs to go to the psychiatric (reaches out and grabs Dr Kenna’s arm) ward. I know she was your friend… Dr Kenna snatches the nurses armDR. KENNA(through clenched teeth) She is MORE than my friend. Now just watch the door, and keep your mouth shut! Dr Kenna injects into the IVNURSE(from the background) What are you giving herDR. KENNAIts new, not on the market yet, it is supposed to repair and enhance nerve function in the brain.NURSEWhat! I didn’t know anything like that existedDR. KENNA(Examining Aidra)It is based on stem cell research, combined with special chemicals, it is for people with massive brain injury or degenerative diseases.NURSEBut she isn’t injured, she is just…you know…traumatizedDR. KENNAI KNOW THAT! But in a healthy brain this will create a massive stimulus, and give her total control of her thoughts, so she can deal with…thingsNURSEI am sorry I have to report(suddenly locked rigid, then pushed against the wall) Aidra is sitting up, her eyes glowing with white lightDR. KENNAAidra! Your ok!AIDRAI am more than ok. Now nurse, your going to forget… Close up of nurses eyes (show rewinding of everything that happened)NURSE(suddenly alert) Dr I don’t think there is anything…Oh my god, she’s NURSEawakeCut to Aidra smiling ONE YEAR LATERINT. NIGHT. Bar Aidra, now known as the vigilante superheroine Adrestia “She who cannot be escaped”, walks into a barAdrestiaVinchino! I know you’re here. There is no escape from me! ( she walks over to go through the curtain) Vinchino rises from behind the bar, aims and firesThe bullet stops behind Adrestia’s head, then drops to the floor.AdRESTIA(turning around,Reaches out and the gun flies from Vinchino’s hand) Hello Vinchino, it’s been a long timeVINCHINOLong time? I only ever saw you on TV. What are talkin’ abbout?Adrestia gestures and V flies over the bar hitting the ground hard.A walks up and with a gesture V lifts of the groundADRESTIAI can tell you, just so you know who it is that is going to cripple you, and then wipe your memoryVINCHINOCripple me? Your a fucking superheroine, you don’t do that shitADRESTIAFor you I am making a special exception Agestures and you hear bones almost breakingVINCHINO(in pain)Why me?ADRESTIAWHY YOU! I will show you (flash back of what happened) A suddenly loses focus and grabs her head, V falls to the floor.VINCHINOLooks…like that memory fucks with you a bit (V grabs a bottle from the bar)ADRESTIAShut up! (holds her hand out, V stops in his tracks)VINCHINOWhy? Don’t want to remember how much you loved me FUCKING YOU FLASH BACK, and A loses focus again. V smashes the bottle over her head.
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