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Primal’s SUPERHEROINE SHAME – Lily Rader – Cinder – Public Disgrace – Hypno Control Fuck HD 2018

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Cinder – Public Disgrace
Cinder has a lead on some villains that plan to k-nap a superheroine. When she arrives at the hide out she sees lights and a camera set up, as well as rope and some kind of massage wand. As she is trying to figure out just what is going on she is confronted by a villain that is able to negate any energy, even to the point of making her unable to move.
The villain mocks and gropes her frozen form as her eyes move about in fear.

Cinder’s powers are negated and the villain, Entropy, shows her how he is broadcasting everything is going to do. He promises she will give in and be untterly disgraced, He continues to mock her as he mercilessly forces her to have one screaming convulsing orgasm after another.
He offers her a way out but she resists with her little remaining pride, but she can’t take much more and is begging to suck his cock to stop the orgasm torture
Entropy fucks Cinders mouth and alternates making her give him the best head she’s ever given, as if her life depends on it. Her look of shame and disgust is complete as he pumps a huge load into her mouth as he makes sure the camera and the public have a perfect view of her disgrace
Entropy isn’t done with Cinder yet. He fucks her hard, deep and without mercy as she screams through her gag. He uses her like a little blond fuck doll and then covers her mask with another huge load of cum. For the final disgrace he unmasks her cum covered face for the whole world to see
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Duration: 00:40:38

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4