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Added: 3/26/17
Victoria (Cassidy Klein) meets with Malcolm (Lucas Frost) to review his project proposal. Not because she thinks it actually has any potential, but because her father, the owner of the investment bank, insisted she attend in his place. Despite presenting Victoria with some persuasive research and documents, Malcolm’s project is rejected for funding. With her nose turned up, Victoria is ready to head out and put the project behind her, but Malcolm pauses her to toast to the future. Sure enough, it’s just enough of a distraction for him to discretely hit a button and enable his app. Only affecting females, the app quickly shows its effects as Victoria drops to the ground, fanning herself in a sudden flash of heat. Malcolm feels perfectly fine and just stands casual against his desk as he watches his programming in action. Victoria, on the other hand, is completely bewildered as she finds herself crawling her way toward him and rubbing her hands up his suit pants. She’s terribly confused, but she simply can’t stop kissing and caressing him no matter how hard she tries. As Victoria grinds on him and strips off her clothing, what confuses her even more than what she’s doing is the fact that she’s enjoying it.
Malcolm does nothing to interfere as Victoria’s program enthralls her further. After masturbating against him and humping his leg like a bitch in heat, she pulls him to the floor. She just can’t get enough of him! She needs more. Victoria can’t pull his pants off fast enough, eager to get his cock in her mouth.
Victoria rides him on his office floor, cumming again and again and again. Malcolm lets her do all the work, watching equally pleased with both Victoria and the successfulness of his app. He fills her pussy, and she leaps to lick the cum off of him.
As Victoria is licking Malcolm clean, the owner of the bank walks in and is shocked to see a naked woman on the floor with Malcolm. He’s even more shocked when he realizes it’s his daughter. Malcolm tells Victoria to show her father just how well the app works. She’s unable to stop herself as she crawls naked across the room to suck daddy’s dick. He quickly sees just how powerful Malcolm’s project is, and he agrees to fund it. He even gives Victoria to Malcolm to keep, his first dividend.
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