Last Update: 25/05/2022

phatassedangel69 – Step brother helps me get revenge HD 720p

You, my stepbrother, come home and find me crying on the couch. You ask what’s wrong but I don’t want to tell you. I eventually explain that it’s my anniversary today with my boyfriend. I had gone to his house to surprise him with a gift and cute lingerie. I had let myself in, only to see that he had been cheating on me with his ex! I am so upset that I just left and didn’t say anything. I tell you that I want revenge but I don’t know how. You tell me that I should cheat on him, which I had already thought of but nobody I texted has replied yet! I look you up and down and start to smile and ask if you would help me get revenge. You are hesitant because we are siblings. But I remind you that we are only step siblings and that it’s okay! You finally agree. I strip and show you my cute lingerie. I tell you that I know you spy on me in the shower, and I kind of like it. Then I take out your dick and start giving you a blowjob. Then my stupid boyfriend calls! I answer and tell him that I’m sucking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and that I’m about to fuck it too. He yells at me while I ignore him and keep sucking your dick. I climb on top of you and put you inside of me, moaning until I hang up on my boyfriend. I ride you and rub my clit. You feel amazing. Then you fuck me missionary until I ask you to please cum inside of me. I rub and finger my pussy until your cum is dripping out of me. I taste it and tell you you’re the best big brother ever.

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