Last Update: 26/09/2022

Nito, Katie Cummings – MORNING COFFEE & DICK FullHD 1080p

Stepmom Katie is enjoying her morning coffee in her new kitchen wearing a sexy short bathrobe. Her and her hubby just moved into a new home and have allowed her stepson to move in as well. Talking to herself, she wonders why she’s always so horny first thing in the mornings. In walks her stepson Nito and sits on the table to finish some homework before classes in a couple hours. Katie offers to make him breakfast and begins looking for some cookware. Nito can’t keep his eyes off his sexy stepmom as she looks for stuff around the kitchen. Her big butt peaking underneath her robe as she reaches in the top cabinets and then her juicy tits popping out when she looks in the lower cabinets. Could she be doing this on purpose? He can’t help it any longer and decides to make his move. He goes up to his step mom and starts caressing her big butt. Katie is startled and pushes him off. Her husband is upstairs in the shower and will be furious if he saw what was going on. Nito again gently massages his stepmom’s big booty and now she’s a little more accepting. After all she is really horny and would love some young dick. It needs to be a quickie though if they plan not to get caught. Nito bends her over the counter as she moans when his erect cock slides into her wet pussy. He pounds her from behind ramming every inch of his cock inside of her. He then lays on the kitchen floor as she squats and sits on his cock. That young dick feels so good in her warm pussy, she can’t get enough as she shows him her riding skills. They move the action to the couch as she continues to ride his cock, this milf still has some moves and is ready to show them off. Nito puts his stepmom on her side and takes over the fucking, her juicy pussy lips caressing his cock with every stroke. He explodes all over her big ass right before his father gets out of the shower. I think it’s safe to say Katie has a solution to her morning hornyness, coffee and her stepsons dick make a perfect combination.

Duration: 00:14:59

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4