Last Update: 18/11/2021

Night Terror – Sinister Sister Transforms into Goth Demon-Girl to Mind-Fuck her Brother! – Amedee Vause FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

My brother never felt so Mind Fucked in his entire life! He is attracted to me, I know this for sure and I decided to play a little prank on him… a special Halloween prank!. We decided to rest after a party we attended and, while he was sleeping, I transformed myself into a goth girl, planning to claim that I’m possessed by a demon! I woke him up by touching his cock, so inappropriately for a Sister, and I pretended I’m a demon that just happens to look like his sister, when he woke up! I told him I’m not entirely human and all kinds of horror bullshit he just believed without questioning! I’m good at pretending and fooling people!…

Gosh, it was so funny, I was having a hard time trying not to laugh. I told him that I look like his sister because that’s the demonic deal! The demon takes human form and chooses a shape, a person that his victim would be attracted to! And we all know that he’s super horny for me, so… I look like the person he considers the most beautiful. He was a little bit scared but calmed down instantly when I touched his penis with my mouth, lips and tongue, it was like a magical touch that made him silent. I sucked it and DeepThroated it while he was asking my opinion if his sister would actually do that with him, not realizing that his fantasy is actually happening in front of his eyes! I asked him to fuck my tight horny pussy and he fucked it so hard that I came twice! He has a massive cock and I always desired to feel it inside me, but thought it’s so wrong, he’s my brother for fucks sake! Now I found a loophole I can exploit and I can play with his mind too, what a fucking great deal! He was moaning so loud I realized he’s on the edge and is about to cum. I jacked him off over my Big Boobies until he sploshed all the cum on my chest and Black Blouse. After that, I finally told him that I fooled and Mind Fucked him and that I’m AM his sister. Boom!

Duration: 00:26:57

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4