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Natasha’s Bedroom – Mommy Discovers Your Naughty Secret HD (720p/2016)

Rise and shine, my little son. It’s time to wake up and start the day – and you’d better hurry up! Mommy needs to leave for work soon, but I need to be sure that my smart boy shows up on time today to the SAT. Mommy’s so proud of you, how grown up you’ve become, and I know you’re going to make me even prouder today, baby.
Wait a minute. Wait just one minute, mister. What is that on your computer? Is that PORNOGRAPHY?? Let me see that RIGHT now. Oh my goodness, those are…they’re…oh my, they’re pictures of mommy – naked pictures! This is very wrong, son. It’s very, very inappropriate to spy on mommy and take pictures of her without her clothes on. Were you masturbating to these photos, son? Is that what you were doing under the covers when mommy walked in?
Oh my, your cock is still hard. At least I know that my son is a man; I can see that from the big swollen outline of your twitching cock. But I must tell you that you can never take photos like those again, and you must never stroke your cock while thinking about mommy again.
I suppose, though, that I wouldn’t be a very good mother if I let my precious son take the SAT today in such a state of horniness. Mommy knows enough about men to know that you’ll have a hard time doing your best with a stiff penis and heavy balls. Because I care about you so so much, mommy will take care of that for you just this once.
Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how wet my son’s cock is making me, and how hard it feels inside of me, how amazing, unbelievable… oh oh OH, it’s time to cum, son. Cum at the same time as mommy. Just let your cock shoot that heavy load of cum right as mommy’s convulsing pussy squeezes onto your cock. oh oh OHH!
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