Last Update: 18/11/2021

My Son’s “all inclusive” Taboo vacation SD (

Bridgett Lee, Margo Sullivan, Marina Bay, Sven.
i rented an “all inclusive” beach house for a family reunion so my sisters could get to know my son a little better and i could get some quality time since he is always away at school. the rain was ruining our fun in the sun and my son seemed so bummed out! all dressed in our sexy beach wear and no where to go, his aunt margo, aunt marina and i went into his room to see what we could do to cheer him up….i could not believe my eyes when his aunts started putting “the moves” on my son! i was shocked and not sure what to do or if i should make them stop! but…damn, it didn’t seem to bother him, and when i looked down and saw his cock was bulging in his shorts, i knew there was nothing i could do but allow it to happen! seeing my sisters suck and fuck my son is one thing, but when i started feeling the insatiable urge to have sex with my son, there was no going back, i had to have him! my son could not resist , his cock throbbing with each thrust into his aunt’s pussies and mouths…licking each of us to orgasm and squirts that soaked the bed….i couldn’t stand it anymore….i laid down on the bed wanting my son, i could see it in his eyes he wanted to fuck me too….my sister margo held me, while my son got a taste of my pussy and thrust his fingers deep inside me…marina grinded her pussy on margo’s leg and soaked her with her squirt juices, flipped margo over to eat our sister’s pussy….i then saw my chance….i went on all fours to watch them, sticking my ass up in the air to entice my son, and he took my bait! omg! my son thrust his cock into my pussy and fucked me to orgasm until he could not take it anymore and blew his hot load all over his mother, aunt margo and aunt marina faces! from now on, our family vacations will be nothing less than “all inclusive”!

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