Last Update: 16/01/2022

My Fetish Addictions Maya Sinstress – Ballbusted & Jerked off by Auntie Maya FullHD 1080p (2020)

In this custom video, Maya Sinstress plays Auntie to Jay West. Auntie Maya notices Jay keeps staring at her large breasts and low cut dress and he starts getting an erection. This is not acceptable. Maya slaps and punches his dick to teach him a lesson. She gives his cock and Indian burn. She slaps it to try and keep it soft. But, he keeps getting harder and harder. The punches to his cock and balls don’t help him get soft either. He’s still turned on. Auntie Maya determines that she should just jerk him off to get the sexual tension out of the way. She strokes his cock and makes him have a huge cum explosion. Then, she goes back to busting his balls again. She smears the cum all over him & sends him home with tenderized balls and cum stains.

Duration: 00:21:04

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format: MPEG-4